Travis Pastrana jumps his motorcycle over hovering helicopter [w/video]

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Travis Pastrana is a busy man promoting the high octane show Nitro Circus set to tour Australia from May, 2010. We’ve recently seen the US daredevil backflip and tear apart the DC Shoe Bike and yesterday he jumped over a hovering helicopter in Sydney close to the Harbour Bridge. What more?


Hey Travis - you were wondering if anyone has jumped a Helicopter before - I don’t know about a flip from ramp to ramp (awesome) but there is an old school motorcycle stunt man called David Russell that jumps a grounded helicopter less the flip and one ramp about twenty times a year. He lands crack on the flat ground - talk about a bone cruncher.

Travis makes it looks easy.smiley

And if he was to miss new haircut REAL close to the shoulders

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