Triumph Daytona 675 Audi LEDs rendering

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There’s little you can reproach to Triumph about the way their Daytona 675 looks, but ways to make it better are continuously found both by tuners and owners around the world. What we’ve recently came across is actually a supposition regarding to weather Audi-like LED headlamps further enhance the aggressive note of middleweight British sports bike.

We think this looks quite striking and might catch on to the motorcycle industry as well, but in the end it’s all up to the Hinckley-based company to make their move as result of feedback from fans.


Everything is cool except its head lights. I’m looking for a different kind of headlights much more unique than this one.

Amazing, I want to custom my CBR600 2009 with this LEDs, does anyone know how much it may cost?

they got the idea from audi right, so what will be the reaction of audi? but i must agree it looks menacing and aggressive.

what a nice brest hi hi lollll

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