Triumph Street Triple adapts to winter

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Now that winter has demanded its rights, Italian bloggers from Triumph che passione thought at a way for bikers to keep on frenetically rolling down the throttle of their Triumph Street Triple 675 motorcycles and the best idea came to life with the help of photoshop.

Called Triumph Street Triple Trimotard, this winter edition of the great British bike has a caterpillar track instead of a rear wheel and spikes on the front tire. They’ve also modified the bodywork to match the new theme and we must admit that we do like the idea of having such a bike, but can’t say how much we would be able to ride it considering the low temperatures it’s meant to operate in. If this bike will ever turn into reality, it will definitely have to have heated grips and seat because we would really like to bring it up to its winter top speed.


Not cool enough we are currently looking for a style here. Besides winter is much fun with the traditional stuff.

This is a great reason to go out in winter time ridin on snow looks cool.smiley

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