Triumph works on two new motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles has announced two new "adventure models" will be launched by the end of the year. The company revealed no other details on the two models, but they did confirmed new details will be announced in the next months: engine (August 4), chassis (September 1) and clothing/accessories (October 6th).

The two models are expected to made their world debut in November at the Milan EICMA Bike Show. Stay tuned for more details!

Source: Triumph


That was awesome! The modified specs of the bike in chassis would make the it lighter and would definitely makes it increase the speed performance of the vehicle.

Well, I agree that Triumph makes the best bike and I bet this new model would have a higher speed performance! I wonder on what do model that was refer here.

Well, it seems that its already killed or this news haven’t updated yet. I hope that you guys update the motorcycle section of this site.

hmm. I haven’t heard any update for this teaser video.. I wonder on what would be look of this bike and its performance.

Wow, that was a great news for all bikers out there. Are there any developments on the partnership? What happened to the two new motorcycles today?

Well, this would be something that should be worth waiting for. Though, I must admit, I am really not a fan of Triumph

I’d like an electric street and dirt bike. A smaller engine with better gas mileage and lighter weight endurance model would be nice too

I will be watching closely. Triumph has been making some really great bikes for a long time and will want to enter into this in a big way. I hope they do it right.

At least they should say what to expect.

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