TSS's ZX-10R two-stroke alternative to liter bikes

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The Two Stroke Shop name says everything about their object of activity, but what it forgets to mention is the fact that the Tropical North Queensland, Australia located shop may have shut the mouth of Japanese manufacturers that are so proud about the performance of their liter bikes.

By retaining the Japanese chassis and replacing the four-stroke engine with an in-house made two-stroke one developing 250 bhp and 160 ft lbs of torque, the company’s owner, Stephen Rothwell and partner as well as two-stroke engine designer for GP race teams, Wayne Wright, have raised the stake to an unimaginable level of performance, but of which they are totally aware.

Rothwell declared to motorcycledaily.com: "What the world needed was an answer to the current litre bikes, which we find anemic," "If a bike can’t hoist the wheel in 4th gear off the throttle then it’s not a superbike."

In a perfect world, that would have been minimum requirement…

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TSS's ZX-10R two-stroke alternative to liter bikes

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