Video: 30 Years of GS

In September 1980 BMW unveiled the new GS model. Now, at the tenth edition of BMW Motorrad Days, the company unveiled a tribute video for the model.

The BMW GS is a motorcycle with racing genes, and the fact that it turned out to be so successful was a surprise even for BMW.

"Thanks to the efforts of our development engineer at the time, Laszlo Peres, we were able to bring out the G/S in just 18 months - and it was a motorcycle concept which was absolutely crazy for that time. I would never have thought that this machine, based on a motor racing prototype, would be so successful. But I’m still proud of it to this day!" said Laszlo Peres, former technician in the BMW testing department.


Wow, lovely presentation. For thirty years, GS showed their appreciation towards their customers. I wonder what will be the bikers’ reaction upon seeing this video.

Well, I definitely loved the GS. Very well built and sturdy, which is good for city riding.

GS, Don’t know but I bought an R100 back in 85…pre “Last Edition” know, the ones BMW hurried off the line so they could get the white model out…they hit California before they were supposed to and the dealers got stuck with them…ya they had to be titled as 83 models, making them a year old before they were even sold- so the banks wouldn’t loan (100%) on them. still have it- many upgrades and an overhaul later- almost all of the BMW screw ups fixed, but not quite!

This is just a ploy to keep the GS selling until BMW catches up with the new Ducati Multi-strada.

The color and design doesn’t look good for me. What’s on the red seat? But the video quiet impressive.

Hate the red seat, but these do handle well.

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