Video: careless rider hits guardrail

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In a recent post we shown you how a motorcycle highside can end with the rider being thrown over a guardrail and we now came across a video showing another rider’s interaction with a guardrail, this time as a result of shifting error.

Apparently, this rider had a few successful runs on his Honda CBR600RR, but he then downshifts too late going into a turn. The rider attempts to brake but ends up in the guardrail after his front wheel locks up.

Source: youtube


I wouldn’t really say that it is completely his fault. Sometimes, technical stuffs do go loco with this machines. Lucky for him he wasn’t on such a high speed no more.

yes this guy could have avoided this without any problem but he went straight for it. The bike goes where the eyes are pointing. beginner mistake smiley argh we’ve all done it. Use the force !

Classic "Target Fixation" more than anything else.

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