Video: funny Yamaha commercial says “bigger is better”

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A Yamaha dealer in Australia – Coast Yamaha – has come up with a very funny commercial in order to motivate riders to stop playing and get their own real motorcycle. They use a pocket bike to create an optical illusion and so determine viewers at least to watch the video over and over again if not rushing to the respective dealer and choose their bike.

Source: coastyamaha


I can’t stop laughing with this commercial. I think it was for kids right? Their strategy was effective for me.

That was hilarious! Yamaha’s TVC is quite disturbing as well because I cannot concentrate with my work and kept on laughing everytime I play it. I’m entertained. Thanks for providing the funniest video.

Really funny! He looks like an idiot in commercial but infairness to him, he handled it very well. And the coast yamaha is cute.

Cool funny video.smiley

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