Video: Kamasutra on a Ducati

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The SC Project stand at the Motor Bike Expo was rather interesting this year not as much thanks to their creations as usually, but thanks to a very flexible sexy chick making her “routine” on a Ducati supermoto. Looks to us like this is some sort of motorcycle Kamasutra and we happen to like it very much…both the girl and the idea itself.


It seems that most men were watching her. Yes, it’s kind of erotic whatsoever and if I’m not mistaken she unconsciously slipped on the bike..Am I right?

I’m so proud her..she has a great balance..

wow what an erotic dance..smiley

yeah boy... that girl moves like a snake she really practice it over and over again... i’m wondering what if I am the motor bike LMAO smiley

That babe can come and do that on my motorbike sexy.smileysmiley

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