Video: NOT the way to ride a Honda on Mulholland

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Mulholland highway in Los Angeles, California sure has its tricky bits and careless riders tend to point them with their own fails. Earlier this year, we saw a Honda CBR1000RR being crashed into the guardrail as a result of point fixation and shifting error and today we bring you exactly that same type of crash happening on the same stretch of highway. Hmm, that’s a bad curve for Hondas as this is a CBR600F4i. Look but don’t learn.

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Ouch! Another accident in Mulholland, he almost went of the cliff.

Mulholland’s fun, the views are great and there are some really fun curves, but the pavement . It’s rutted, potholed and very narrow and gravel-strewn in many spots. Discretion and caution are the better part of valor on it.

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