Videos: Testing the Brammo TTR – it doesn't get any better than this

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Brammo has been recently testing their TTR prototype which will be raced at the 2009 all-electric Isle of Man TTXGP and took the opportunity to shoot two teasing videos which not only show that the bike can be fast and look aggressive (note that it doesn’t get the final touches yet), but sound unbelievable good too. We’re simply amazed by the two rather fast passes and the sound that they’re accompanied by!

See videos after the break.


This Brammo TTR sounds great.smiley
Watching this Brammo at the Isle of Man is gonna be good I wish I would ride this Brammo at the Isle Of Man.smiley

yeah, what noise is that?

gear whine? or, is that the motor itself at speed?

it sounds like a jet

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