Voltra Electric café racer concept looks fast

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Electric bikes have entered on an ascendant path and we’re seeing more and more interesting concepts. Among these, we’re caught up by Dan Anderson’s Voltra. Living in Sydney, Australia, the industrial design student created the electric café racer of the future for his final year thesis project. Dan says “the Voltra is the result of research into motorcycling history, society and culture as well as technology, materials and manufacturing and product semantics,” but you can see that by simply taking a look at the bike.

What you can’t really tell is what’s powering it and the claimed performances. Our Australian designer made sure to mention that an AC induction motor with a programmable controller is powered by Li-Ion batteries, which allow the thing to run an estimated 90 minutes after a full recharge, which lasts two hours. In return, riders get 129Nm of torque and a 200 kg weight (thanks to its carbonfibre monocoque chassis), translating into an impressive top speed of more than 200 km/h.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear about this concept turning into a prototype and heading to production in a couple of years.

Voltra Electric café racer concept looks fast
Voltra Electric café racer concept looks fast


It looks good taking this concept for a ride would be nice.

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