World Record: Jackson Strong performs 85-foot front flip

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Young Australian Jackson Strong has just set the new world record for the tallest frontflip from ramp to ramp with an outstanding 85-foot performance. The event took place in Cairns, Australia and it was part of the Crusty Demons (Strong’s daredevil freestyle backup group) 2010 Tour.

After the jump, Jackson Strong said: "I’ve been working on the front flip on a dirt bike for a long time." "I’ve had four crashes doing the same trick. The first crash I actually lacerated my liver and had internal bleeding and kind of that was a bit of a scary one I spent seven days in intensive care," he added.

We are amazed to see the young aussie putting that amount of effort into having his name in the Guinness world book of records.

Source: visordown


that was extremely unbelievable.. standing ovation for you Jackson

Wow! It’s a death defying feat!...

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