World's fastest woman: Trillium Muir

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Lady Canadian rider, Trillium Muir, proudly holds “The World’s Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle” title after obtaining an ECTA-certified 239.36 mph (382.98 km/h) on her Hayabusa motorcycle at Maxton.

The twenty-eight years old record holder is based in Sudbury, Ontario

World's fastest woman: Trillium Muir

and it has been riding for only four years. Still, it beat the 234.197mph (374.72km/h) world speed record previously achieved by Leslie Porterfield at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in the US.

As Trillium states for FasterandFaster, she got into motorcycle land speed racing after watching such an event at Maxton NC in September 2006. Soon after that, she became the first woman ever to hit 200 mph.

Achieving such a performance implies knowing your bike, doing mechanical work and even wiring is nothing out of the ordinary for the current record holder as she states: “I rode our 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa that has a GT35R turbo from RCC turbos. The bike is also fitted with an Aims data logger, JE Pistons, Crower rods, MTC lock-up clutch, Elka shock, custom-built swingarm, RCC back cut transmission and much more. The motor and the turbocharger were built by RCC. I do most of our clutch work and have the patience for wiring. Anything that needs to be done, I can do it, and have.”

Find more about the fastest woman in the world by reading FasterandFaster’s interview or, better yet, go straight to the source:

World's fastest woman: Trillium Muir
World's fastest woman: Trillium Muir


I won’t be surprise if Leslie would want to beat Trilliums new record but for now Trillium is the fastest woman congrats to her.smiley

Wow, with this caliber of women (Trillium and Leslie) on the circuit, I may need to trade in two of my wheels.

Indeed, it is Leslie Porterfield, the previous record holder

The blonde in the group of pics is not Trillium.

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