World's favorite motorcycle passenger?

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Ask motorcycle riders about their favorite passenger and you’ll hear answers such as “my wife” or “my girlfriend,” (if the persons in cause are actually there) but it will be her who they’ll in fact be thinking at. She simply has to be the world’s favorite motorcycle passenger ever. I bet that the guy that shot this is still grinning right now.

This picture actually sends a message to all female passengers out there: stay sexy and always wear your helmet no matter what!

4 comments: she feel cold? i bet no..smiley

I’m envy...i wish i have a hot passenger too..smiley

I would like that passenger to be ridin with me for sure great view.smiley

If he s s it I will never forgive him for ruining the perfect passenger. Could you imagine that road rash would be sick as hell.

P.S. Nice shot.

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