World's First Motorcycle Air Conditioner to hit production thanks to EntroSys

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I believe we can finally say the first air conditioner for motorcycles (one that will actually end up being produced) was invented. The company behind the inventive idea is EntroSys, which’s motorcycle air conditioner offers almost the same thermic comfort as when traveling in a car, meaning that it can cool/heat the rider’s body depending on the climate.

The company plans to take this into full production and has released a video showing how easily their system can be used, we reckon on most kinds of motorcycles. Watch it and, if you have experienced heat and/or cold while riding motorcycles, you’ll be hooked.

Source: visordown


Not a bad invention at all. If your not a biker you can never imagine how a jacket can make you feel really hot inside. Even with the wind outside, it still doesn’t reach the body. That air condition can even help out in keeping the body temperature to ok, sometimes it gets too hot that some driver’s vision gets affected.

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