World's most luxurious trike?

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“Push it to the limit and beyond.” This should be the motto behind this amazing trike project that we recently came across while surfing the web. It is more like a limo trike built in the hot rod style and powered by a Volkswagen motor, but these are all car words. What makes it appear on the motorcycle page of this website is the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy front end. This last “detail” and the fancy limousine-like interior could easily turn this into the world’s most luxurious trike if an award will ever be given for this.

World's most luxurious trike?
World's most luxurious trike?
World's most luxurious trike?


We are in Broome. The world’s only licensed (including liquor licensing) Limo Trike (TM) in the world. Fantastic for weddings, fund, asking that all important marriage question, lust, love or just for the fun of it. If you want to arrange a run, or maybe a bushtucker tour, sunset tour or more give us a call.... 0407275237

Any idea where we can find this one? Its really one of a kind luxurious trike I’ve ever seen today. Looks like its very well maintained and perfect for all occasions.

Oh, I would love to take a photo on this one. How fortunate these people to own a very rare trike. I’ve been wondering how much it will cost? Is this for auction?

Yes,It really looks like expensive but it’s worth it. This kind is rare.

Some of those cars are worth the cost, though,

rofl, this is one sick concept but overall its still, nice.

The design of the trike is quiet impressive. And yes, I have to agree that the interior looks fantastic. And what I like the most is the wheel.

The interior designs looks impressive and decent to me. I wonder how expensive it is?

The interior looks awesome and luxurious. I wonder how many batteries it has. This sort of limousine would great for events like weddings or birthdays. I wonder how it turns and how fast it runs.

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