Worst-case scenario: Backflip doesn't flip

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The reason we call this a worst-case scenario is rather simple. All that the rider needs to do when planning to rotate his motorcycle towards the back is, obviously, flip the thing and that’s precisely the part that goes totally wrong for this daring stuntman, who may very well not have many bones left for practice if he maintains this rhythm.

Source: masmoto


If we were in the 90’s, the driver may have not survived as there weren’t that good protective gadgets back then. Only pure courage, a helmet and a shirt that separates a driver from the asphalt. It’s good to know that he walk away fine.

Now that’s gotta hurt. I do hope that he is ok though. The crash seems like he got hurt but since it has been said that he walked away ok, he probably went back on the bike to do it again. What went wrong? I mean it seems like it has been done perfectly until it seemed to have paused during the flip. Did he lack inertia for the flip or was he a first timer?

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