WSS: The Triumph BE1 Racing Team in Valencia

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Team Triumph BE1 Racing Italy managed to obtain a top ten placement at the third round of World Supersport championship. Australian Mark Aitchison, initially on the 21st place is the author of this great performance after a fierce comeback.

Italian Ivan Clementi, which until the fall situated among the best racers also confirmed to be able to get in this top, but during the fuss of the early rounds he closed the front while entering the curve ending up on the ground. It’s a pity because the Italian had all the chances to situate itself among the first ten easily.

I invite you to check out the pictures with the beautiful Triumph BE1 Team Racing while performing on two Daytona 675 models brought to life by Mark Aitchison and Ivan Clementi. Also, the fine girls of the team will surely help create an addiction for Triumph and we surely understand you.

WSS: The Triumph BE1 Racing Team in Valencia

Ivan Clementi: "I am very sorry because I know that I would have had the chance to finish the race very forward. When I fell I was behind Nannelli, which has then finished fifth. We made some changes during the warm ups which have increased the grip at the rear tyre thus better control of the motorcycle. Unfortunately the fuss this time I had the worst, but I still satisfaction as well, I managed to give evidence during the first part of the race. "

Mark Aitchison: "I enjoyed very much, gave all in a race comeback. At the traffic lights are green shot well, catching four positions in the first round, then I continued on my comeback until you reach the thirteenth lap in tenth position behind Walker, with whom I fought right under the finish flag. Should Thanking the team, the changes made after tests yesterday I was allowed to reverse the trend compared to Friday and Saturday, when I could not find a set up that allowed me to express my quality ".

Giuliono Rovelli, Team Manager: "Both pilots deserve praise. Mark for good comeback and the determination expressed in the race. Ivan for capacity during the trials demonstrated in the search for development. His experience has been very useful to the companion. Sin has fallen after a few laps, but I am convinced that it would be able to finish the race very forward. We received our first placement within the top ten, solving the same problems emerged reliability in the first two races of the season. A result gained was with the parent company which is supporting the development work. "

WSS: The Triumph BE1 Racing Team in Valencia

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