Yamaha SR 500 by WrenchMonkees

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This old Yamaha SR 500 saw an unexpected revival after getting in the hands of the guys at WrenchMonkees in Denmark. Although we’ve seen this motorcycle model being transformed into a café racer, a chopper and even a scrambler not just once, the custom motorcycle builder decided that there’s nothing wrong with the class and only gave it a meaner custom look using a few tricks that they had in their sleeves. For instance, the WM rearframe, seat and fender as well as the rear light all indicate the attempt to make this thing one-of-a-kind and this is just the rear end that we’re talking about. Up front, there’s a stylish and very small WM fender as well as a headlight that stays in tone with the clean look of the bike.

Although apart from the K&N filter, the approximately 40 hp entirely rebuilt engine is the same as on the original bike only that on the WrenchMonkees Yamaha SR 500 it breaths out through a megatron muffler with heat wrap. Also, the battery was eliminated, so the single-cylinder is started by kick only. Riding a unique motorcycle nowadays means plenty of benefits that the old timers didn’t had: the Brembo front disc and caliper, not to mention the ABM steelbraided brakehose.

The WM heat resistant custom paint and all the hidden wiring is what riders who order these things look for and this bike sure can brag about that. In the end, you don’t need to look at it twice to understand that this SR 500 can be ridden on a variety of surfaces such as asphalt, dirt, gravel, but we’d rather take it to the beach and call it The Motorcycle Beach Buggy.

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