Yamaha will build 20 per cent more economic engines

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Yamaha Motors have announced they are working to improve the fuel efficiency of their motorcycle engines with 20 per cent compared to the present models. Apparently, they plan to revise various engine components and develop an entirely new fuel injection system in order to improve fuel economy that much and, we suppose, not lose any power and torque in the process.

Stricter and stricter environmental legislation will have Yamaha mounting their first such engine – a 125cc one – from a series of many on bikes destined to Southeast Asia. Yamaha will then undergo the same procedure for large displacement engines that will power bikes planed to be sold in US and Europe.

Yamaha is so keen on implementing the new economic engines as fast as possible that they have gathered the minds and experience of approximately 100 engineers from their large-bike development. With such mobilization, results aren’t expected to be late and the benefits are obvious for everyone.

Source: visordown

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