Yamaha XS 500 by WrenchMonkees

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Turning a roadster into a racer might not be the easiest task, but it all comes down to the moment you start that engine and it speaks more aggressively to you than it ever did before. The bike in case here is a late 1970s Yamaha XS 500 now wearing the WrenchMonkees signature on it. This translates into an entirely rebuilt and custom painted engine to match the bodywork’s beautiful gray, WM stainless steel exhaust and muffler, which gives the bike its racy sound.

Light, compact and disposing of a fair amount of horsepower (approximately 45-50hp), the WrenchMonkees Yamaha XS 500 features Brembo brakes both front and rear, while the standard front suspension was kept and the stock swingarm now works closely together with two Gazi Gas rear shocks.

In the end, custom bikes are all about style and this one stands out mainly because of the WM tailunit and seat, while the clip-on’s, throttle grip and levers are all nice touches to have on a bike like this. We never thought a round metal plate behind a small headlight would look so good, but it does and shows attention to details and imagination along with it. We like it.

Yamaha XS 500 by WrenchMonkees

Yamaha XS 500

Engine rebuilt. WM heat resistant, custom paint. K&N filters.
Stainless steel exhaust. WM stainless steel muffler. Aprox 45-50 HP

Standard 35 mm front fork. Standard swingarm. Gazi Gas rear shocks.
Standard cast alloy rims, 1.85 x 19 front - 2.15 x 18 rear.
Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.00 x 19 front - 4.50 x 18 rear.
WM front brake master system. Brembo brakecalipers, front and rear.
Brembo 320 mm brake discs, front and rear. ABM steelbraided brakehoses.
WM clip-on´s. WM throttle grip. WM levers. WM numberplate.
WM tailunit. WM seat. WM wirering harness. WM battery aluminum box.
WM rearlight. WM headlight. WM custom paint.

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