2013 Vectrix VX-2

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Versatile, compact and efficient, the 2013 Vectrix VX-2 is ready to help you deal effortless with the city traffic. Fully electric and with zero emissions the Vectrix VX-2 is aimed at those who put efficiency and love for the environment on top of their priorities list.

As far as power is concerned, the 2013 Vectrix VX-2 is equipped with a rear hub electric motor which can propel you to a maximum speed of 45 kpmh. The electric motor is powered by a SLA 48V (60 Ah) battery which can be fully charged in 3.5-5 hours and offers a maximum range of 88 km.

The ride quality is kept in check by a front telescopic fork and a rear pre-load adjustable single shock.

As far as prices are concerned, the 2013 Vectrix VX-2 can be yours for no less than $4,295.

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Vectrix VX-2

VX-2 Unplug and Play.

Meet another one of our European “e-Scooter of the Year” award winners. The VECTRIX VX-2 is truly a scooter designed with all of us in mind. Fast enough for tooling around town, running errands, and visiting friends. Fast recharge times of up to 5 hours for quick turnarounds. Zero gas emissions and zero gas needed.

2013 Vectrix VX-2 Key Features:

Vectrix VX-2


System Status
Battery Charge

Regenerative Throttle:

Vectrix VX-2

Patened VECTRIC™ Braking
Slow-speed Reverse


Vectrix VX-2

Dual Filament 35w (High/Low Beam)


Vectrix VX-2

Disc Brakes, Front and Rear


Vectrix VX-2

SLA = 2.8 kWh/60Ah

Charging System:

Vectrix VX-2

On-board charging 220V/110
Charging Time: 2.5 Hours (to 80%)

Drive System:

Vectrix VX-2

Rear Hub Motor

VX-2 is powered by maintenance-free battery technology for excellent range and performance. Think cities, towns, college campuses, business parks, campgrounds—anywhere parking is a premium and movement is a challenge. With the VX-2, you can now move about efficiently, avoid gas stations and do it all with a smile on your face.


Top Speed45 km/h, 30 mph
Acceleration7 seconds, 0-45 km/h, 0-30 mph
RangeUp to 88 km, 55 miles
RechargeUp to 3.5-5 hours
Weight195kg, 430 pounds
Charging220/110 VAC
BatterySLA 48V (60 Ah)
Cycle ChargesUp to 300
ColorsWhite, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Warranty2-year unlimited mileage
Center StandYes
MotorRear Hub Motor
ThrottleVECTRIX™ Regenerative Throttle
Locking StorageYes
12V Powerportn/a
BrakesFront + Rear Disc
Tires130/60-13 (F + R)
ShocksSingle-shock oil/gas pressure pre-load adjustable

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