2008 Aprilia Atlantic 250/125

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With cities becoming more and more crowded, people start heading towards motorcycle showrooms and discover that a scooter would be more appropriate for their commuting needs. A good example is the Atlantic 250/125 which, no matter the cylinder capacity choose, it offers excellent comfort and efficient aerodynamics while still remaining incredible easy to ride.



Italian scooters became famous once the first Vespas started buzzing around and motorizing entire regions world wide, but this wonderful country also offers truly efficient and reliable products coming from manufacturers such as Aprilia.

In order to complete their Atlantic line of scooters, which was previously known only for the 500/400 models, Aprilia introduced new 2008 models which are being individualized through their nimble handling and high performance engine options, 125 and 250ccs.

Aprilia Atlantic 250/125

The new Atlantic’s clearly determined goal is to carry its rider from point A to point B (both locations being situated in the urban environment) in complete executive-like conditions, the helmet being the only distinctive note.


The Atlantic 250/125 is indeed a wonderful looking fuel efficient scooter that seems to set the trend in the disputed category. Actually, we’re talking about two different categories in which the Atlantic activates as the engines featuring different displacements sets it against both 125 and 250cc machineries.

Aprilia Atlantic 250/125

As an alternative to the 250 version of the Atlantic, Piaggio offers the BV250. Designed with comfort and wind protection in mind and engineered for effective throttle response coming from its single-cylinder, four-stroke engine mated to an automatic tranny, this is one special little vehicle that likes being among the greatest quarter-liter scooters.

Aprilia Atlantic 250/125

Great for daily use and proving reliable to complete with all of the requirements needed for a comparison with the Aprilia Atlantic 125 is the Piaggio Fly 150. This scooter stands as the perfect combination of Italian styling, modern engineering, and comfort so if you loved the old Vespa, this one will bring a feel of it right back at you.

The advantages that Aprilia has over the products I’ve just talked about is that the Atlantic, no matter the displacement as both are the same, intends to be a maxi-scooter, leaving the competition well behind.


It is being said that a rider buys with its heart and it then justifies its action with the brain. This is exactly what Aprilia Atlantic 250/125 riders will do only that they won’t be needed to justify anything as the scooter will perform as well as it looks.

But how does it exactly look? Is it aggressive and dynamic looking, or does it simply feature Aprilia original elegant styling? I like saying that it has the best of both this impressive features as its angry face (especially due to its headlights) tends to speak a bit about its road capabilities while the broad seat and the position of the handlebars reminds us that we will be traveling in complete comfort.

But comfort isn’t only about a relaxed butt; wind protection is also excellent and it comes thanks to an effective windscreen and side fairing. These features combined with advanced ergonomics practically leaded to the actual form of this scooter.

In order to give it a nice, stylish note, Aprilia made sure that this baby won’t see the outside of the plant’s gates until it gets the very required sharp lines and cool paintjobs. By simply taking a look at the product you know that at Aprilia rules are rules and designers are very obedient.

Colors available for 2008 are Venice White, Blue Main and Magnet Grey.

Test Drive

Aprilia Atlantic 250/125

Riding the Aprilia Atlantic 250/125 is an absolute pleasure because this piece of machinery deals properly with any kind of situation that the city traffic might generate, taking you and your 22 horsepower (250cc version) respective 15 horsepower (125cc version) in front of the big cans often driven by angry persons that never take their hands off the horn. The only happy face will be of the guys that ride the Atlantic.

Personally I prefer the 250cc motor because it offers greater power for stop-and-go situations and this is the one on which I’ve spent more time.

Acceleration is pretty impressive and able to deal with the cans that I was talking about earlier. Immediately after jumping on the bike it is extremely easy to learn operating it because the Italian manufacturer built it so that everything would come naturally. Power delivery is smooth and yet satisfying, never determining a beginning rider to be retained with the throttle. A single twist is enough for familiarity.

Afterwards the rider is introduced to the wonderful way that this maxi-scooter looking machinery steers. Aprilia engineers took their time and developed a high strength tubular steel frame which keeps the bike steady even at cornering speeds well above the average. Also keeping the bike stable as it corners are the suspensions which are ingeniously created for great efficiency and space economy. Because the front end features a classic hydraulic fork (105mm wheel travel), it is clear that I am referring to the swingarm which is composed from the engine-tranny assembly. This way both rabbits are shot with a single fire and the rider on the Atlantic remains relaxed and ready to get going after it passes on speed bumps.

But stop-and-go situations also require highly efficient brakes and the Atlantic has them. I was impressed by how efficient this scooter brakes when the left lever is applied. This is the result of the integral braking system which makes both brakes work in tandem even though only the rear one is applied. I usually say that I use both the front and the rear brakes and that is true, only that this time I do it involuntarily. Even so, you should still rely on the front brake to do the best of jobs.

This is not the kind of scooter destined to be used for delivering pizza so it is equipped with a comfortable, spacious seat that accommodates you and your rider comfortably. Ergonomics are they key and the back pain is totally out of the question. I definitely appreciate the wind protection and even though I didn’t had the “luck” to ride it in the rain I can easily say that it does its best on keeping your extremities dry. If you want to feel the wind in your face, then I recommend you a chopper, not the Atlantic.

This bike is also oriented towards practicability so it features an under-seat storage compartment where you can keep your lunch, and spare full-face helmet while charging your mobile phone at the socket. For the papers of the bike and your driving license Aprilia created a second lockable storage compartment that comes in handy every time.

The 125cc motorization is also able to deal with the urban jungle and I bad a lot of fun on it also. It looks pretty much the same as the 500/400 Atlantics so your friends will be amazed to find out that you’re riding a 125cc engine. Smart trick, Aprilia!


Scooters aren’t supposed to be underestimated, but appreciated for doing a damn good job and completing the purpose for which they were created. It is true that they don’t get the adrenaline pumping, but is the city quite the best place to see “what a bike can do”? I think it isn’t so I got myself on one these babies and formed a very good impression.

Remember when you sit in your car and don’t even manage to get going and the red light appears again? I bet you do! Next time try to count how many of these vehicles pass by you and you’ll form a good impression on where city traffic is heading these days.



Engine and Transmission



Horizontal single cylinder four-stroke. Forced liquid cooling with centrifugal pump. Overhead cam, four valves.


Unleaded petrol.

Bore and stroke:

57 x 48.6 mm (125).
72 x 60 mm (250).


124 cc; 244 cc.

Compression ratio:

12.5:1 (125).
11.5:1 (250).

Max. power:

15 HP at 9500 rpm (125).
21.2 HP at 8500 rpm (250).

Max torque:

12 Nm at 8000 rpm (125).
20.2 Nm at 6500 rpm (250).

Fuel system:

Carburetor (125).
Electronic fuel injection (250).


Electronic CDI with automatic advance.




12 V – 180 W


Wet sump. Forced lubrication with mechanical oil pump.


Automatic variator.


Automatic centrifugal dry clutch.

Primary drive:

V belt.

Final drive:


Chassis and Dimensions



High strength steel with closed double cradle.

Front suspension:

35 mm hydraulic fork. Wheel travel 90 mm.

Rear suspension:

Engine assembly acting as swingarm. Double chamber hydraulic shock absorber with 5 positions for spring preload. Wheel travel 100 mm.


Front: Æ 240 mm stainless steel disc with floating three piston caliper and integral braking.
Rear: Æ 190 mm stainless steel disc with integral braking.


Light alloy.
Front: 3.00 x 13". 
Rear: 3.50 x 13".


Front: 110/90-13".
Rear: 130/70-13".


Overall length: 2100 mm
Overall width: 900 mm
Overall height: 1400 mm
Wheelbase: 1470 mm (125) – 1480 (250)
Seat height: 770 mm with rider seated

Tank capacity:

10.5 liter (2 liter reserve)


Large windshield with hand guards, 50 liter tunnel bag, passenger backrest, Street Case II 47 liter top box in matching paint finish, City 35 liter top box in matching paint finish customized for the Atlantic, top box backrests.

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