2008 Aprilia Tuono

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A naked motorcycle that is destined to impress from the first time you’ve laid your eyes on it. The best is that it never stops amazing as it disposes of impressive amounts of horsepower and torque.



Aprilia Tuono

Aprilia had the wonderful idea of inspiring their biggest naked motorcycle, the Tuono 1000 R, on their superbike master, the RSV 1000 R. It resulted in the most powerful and aggressive naked motorcycle of all times, one which not only leads the class, but determines other manufacturers to put their hands on a pencil and take a few notes.

The Italian manufacturer created a unique looking motorcycle featuring great technological achievements that tend to take it away from the streets and head it straight towards the track, where it came from in the first place.


Initially Aprilia was known for producing small displacement motorcycles with great success, but in 1998 they introduced the RSV Mille which displaced 998cc. The bike was highly successful and entered the superbike world to gain experience which was later used on enlarging Aprilia’s line of products.

One of the bikes that appeared as a consequence of the RSV Mille is the Tuono, a naked bike first introduced in 2002. Its V-Twin engine displaced 998cc and the bike came with loads of attitude, perfect for riders seeking for in and out of town adventure. I know what you’re thinking and yes, the circuit wasn’t out of the question either.

In its first years of production the Tuono would have looked more like a naked sportsbike, but with the years passing by and the tendency changing more towards streetfighters, Aprilia quickly took measures and made it look a bit more suitable for the fight with the British. The result is the first production streetfighter to ever see the streets.


Aprilia Tuono

Streetfighters gained popularity in the last years and that is mostly due to the competition between the models that stand tall and represent this relatively new category. One of those bikes is the Triumph Speed Triple which features a 1050cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, in-line three-cylinder engine developing 131bhp at 9,250rpm. The Triumph features no kind of fairing whatsoever so it is a more qualified streetfighter. It is practically defined through its two headlights which seem like a bug’s eyes. The rest of the bike’s exterior is very stylish and modern featuring sharp lines which speak about the bike’s capabilities. Also characteristic to the Speed Triple are the blacked-out engine components, rims, and the single-sided swingarm. A powerful competitor that is!


Aprilia Tuono

Call it everything you feel like, but never ugly. The Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is one aggressive looking machine that reveals the Italian style with success. Basically an RSV 1000 R without the fairing, it is the most unique looking naked motorcycle on the streets today.

The small nose fairing which was developed in the wind tunnel seems also taken from the RSV 1000 R, but significantly reduced to the bare necessity, consisting in air intake, headlights, and a small screen. It looks like it’s going to bite you so it is best to be cautions. This threatening beast had its handlebars raised for greater comfort and for easy city use. Even though it doesn’t cover its engine with plastic, it still features those nice, lateral spoilers and the one found at the inferior side of the bike. These elements have also the purpose of protecting the rider’s legs from the wind.

Taking your eyes off the sophisticated-looking mechanics you immediately notice that the fuel tank, seat, and the bike’s rear end look exactly like on the RSV 1000 R, with blended in taillights and everything that comes as a must on a sportbike.

For 2008, the Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is painted Fluo Red, Dream Blue, and Diablo Black.

Test Drive

Aprilia Tuono

It was time for me to get a feel of another big naked and I couldn’t have been more anxious. The Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is known for its powerful acceleration and versatile behavior so I was in for quite a ride. I quickly fired up the two cylinders which are positioned in Aprilia’s favorite engine configuration the V-twin which in this case outputs 139hp and 107Nm.

As soon as I gave it a go, it made me say to myself that this is a bike for the experienced rider who wishes a distinct feeling concerning acceleration, handling, and versatility. I was properly accommodated, thanks to the rearranged footpegs, but most important, the inviting sound coming from the back determined me to get the best out of it.

The 998cc V-twin pulls very strong from down low, making the bike perfect for city use. It also feels light and maneuverable so it can be leaned easily. It feels practically like an RSV 1000 R with raised handlebars and lowered footpegs. The feel in the throttle and the adrenaline levels are all the same making this bike perfect for doing wheelies and stunts in generally.

It also proves being a great performer when it comes to the open road because it accelerates linear all the way through the powerband and the six ratios of its gearbox. This last unit proved very easy to operate and the clutch that separates it from the massive engine is also effective and characterized by smoothness. The incredible amounts of torque delivered by the engine keep the bike going strong in any given gear, but I mostly appreciated second gear and third for city use while fourth and fifth prove ideal for the roads surrounding a big city. Passing cars on the freeway doesn’t require you to downshift. You aren’t even advised to blink because you’ll surely miss it.

The twisty roads are its best friend as the chassis is perfectly adaptable to any riding style and the engine backs it up by accelerating strongly out of the corners, leaving the rider extremely impressed and willing to take this baby back home. I would have done so but it was time to form a better impression on the bike so when the opportunity arrived I pushed it as far as it went in top gear. The result on the speedometer: I wasn’t willing to take my eyes off the road, but an accurate estimation would take it as high as 160mph. Keep in mind that this is not for the faith hearted! Dropping the needle from such numbers is being done with the help of new Brembo Gold radial calipers working perfectly when applied on the two 320mm discs. At the rear, brakes are also Brembo Gold only that this time we are talking a 220mm stainless steel disc. Both front and rear braking system deliver strong braking power for those emergency stops or eve some amazing wheelie.

Keeping things in control while riding the bike rough on almost any kinds of roads is the Showa upside down fork and Sachs monoshock, both being fully adjustable and very reassuring. These units practically define the bike’s road behavior so it is important to be perfectly balanced, just like on the Tuono.


With the 2008 Tuono 1000 R, Aprilia offers their very best for the decent MSRP of $12,999. I often hear people complaining about the prices for different motorcycles about they didn’t even heard before, but how can you complain about something you’ve just heard about a few seconds ago? The Tuono is by some considered highly evaluated so this is how you’ve ended up reading that explication. The riding experience offered beats the bucks by far.


Having the features of a superbike rocket combined with naked agility, seating position, and looks, the Aprilia Tuono 1000 R is one of the most versatile motorcycles that the market has to offer today. Consider it your daily European ride when it takes you to and from work in the boring five days of the week only to discover its carefully hidden racing behavior on the track time spent on weekends.

Technical Info



V60 Magnesium Evolution. Longitudinal 60° V twin, four stroke. Liquid cooling with three-way pressurised circuit. Double overhead cams, mixed gear/chain timing drive, four valves per cylinder. Patented AVDC anti-vibration double countershaft.


95 RON unleaded petrol.

Bore and stroke:

97 x 67.5 mm.


997.62 cc.

Compression ratio:


Maximum power at the crank:

102 kW (139 HP) at 9,500 rpm.

Maximum torque at the crank:

10.9 kgm (107 Nm) at 8,500 rpm.

Fuel system:

Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point
electronic injection. 57 mm diameter throttle bodies.


Digital electronic ignition, integrated with the injection control system. One
spark plug per cylinder.


Electric starter.

Exhaust system:

Two silencers with three way catalytic converter and lambda probe
oxygen sensor (Euro 3).


12 V – 500 W.


Dry sump with separate oil reservoir. Double trochoid pump with oil cooler.
Steel oil reservoir.


6 speed.

Transmission ratios:

1st 34/15 (2.27)
2nd 31/19 (1.63)
3rd 26/20 (1.3)
4th 24/22 (1.091)
5th 24/25 (0.96)
6th 23/26 (0.88)


Multiple disc in oil bath with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control. Metal braid clutch line. Radial master cylinder with 15 mm piston.

Primary drive:

Spur gears. Transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.935:1).

Final drive:


Transmission ratio:

40/16 (2.5:1).


Box section sloping twin-spar frame in aluminium alloy.

Front suspension:

Showa 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping. 120 mm wheel travel.

Rear suspension:

Aluminium alloy double banana swingarm. APS (Aprilia Progressive System) rising rate linkages.
Sachs hydraulic monoshock with adjustment for spring preload and rebound damping.
Wheel travel 133 mm.

Front Brakes:

Brembo double floating disc in stainless steel, Ø 320 mm.
Brembo triple bridge caliper with four 34 mm pistons and four sintered pads.
Metal braided brake line.

Rear Brakes:

Brembo stainless steel disc, Ø 220 mm. Twin piston calliper, 32 mm diameter pistons, sintered pads. Metal braided brake line.


Aluminium alloy.
Front: 3.50 x 17"
Rear: 6.00 x 17".


Radial tubeless.
Front: 120/70 ZR 17.
Rear: 190/50 ZR 17 (alternative: 180/55 ZR 17 and 190/55).


Maximum length: 2,025 mm
Maximum width: 830 mm (at handlebars)
Maximum height: 1,100 mm (at handlebars)
Seat height: 810 mm
Handlebar height: 1,020 mm at bar ends
Wheelbase: 1,410 mm
Trail: 103.7 mm
Steering angle: 25°

Dry weight (without battery):

185 kg


Capacity 18 liters, 4 liter reserve.

Models Available


Aprilia Tuono 1000 R Factory

Aprilia Tuono

Aprilia produces in parallel the “Factory” version of the Tuono 1000 R. Practically the same motorcycle, but taken to a whole new level thanks to all the carbon fiber additions and Lion Red color at the exterior. The tuned Tuono has a more powerful visual impact as it is way more attractive and aggressive than the simple version.

As the most important upgrade, the Factory features Ohlins front (racing 43mm upside-down fork with adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping featuring 120mm wheel travel) and rear suspensions (racing piggy-back monoshock with adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping featuring 133mm wheel travel). Also improved on this model is the aspiration system. This time we’re talking about a new Air Runner ram air intake that brings more air into the engine, significantly improving the air-fuel mixture.


A unique motorcycle always determines its future rider to put his money down and ride in style. This time, the Italian manufacturer speaks about an MSRP going as high as $16,999.

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