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Part of Aprilia’s continuous growing lineup is now the Shiver 750 GT, a half-faired, Shiver 750-derived model which intends on becoming successful not only on Europe’s winding roads, but on freeways too. The new model is designed like a veritable sport-tourer from the old continent as it features angular lines which are more aimed at increasing visual attraction rather than the bike’s aerodynamics.

The engine remains the same V-Twin producing 95bhp and 81Nm of torque, only that it will now have to move more than the previous 198 kg as the fairing and ABS system add significant weight to the new Aprilia.

Apart from the small fairing, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and three riding modes (sport, touring and rain), there’s no feature to distinguish the “GT” model from the previous, simple one. Sport mode delivers maximum power and torque, Tour mode reduces the throttle response a little bit, while during Rain mode, engine torque is being reduced with 25%. The three riding modes are possible due to fuel injection mapping set up which optimizes delivery to suit each individual mode.

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Taking in consideration what Aprilia go us accustomed with, this is a pretty lame video that doesn’t reflect RSV’s true racing abilities. Part of the freshly launched micro-site for the RSV4, the new ad is suppose to make as fan of the bike before it even starts racing in the Superbike World Championship, but I consider that these new pics do more than the video.

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Keeping an eye on the Mugello circuit seemed to be an inspired idea as Aprilia has finally came out to test the RSV 4, a heavily bragged about supersport motorcycle, especially after its first official presentation last February at the International Piaggio Group Convention in Milan.

This is actually the street version of the RSV 4 superbike being tested on the Italian track by an also Italian pilot, Fabrizio Pellizzon. As you can see, it looks 99% ready to hit the streets with its new design kit, and a very important feature that distinguishes a race bike from a street legal one, the headlights. They have received their final shape, leaving us anxiously expecting the first official pictures from the EICMA show in Roma on the 21st of September.

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Here are a few pictures of Dannii Minogue showing her love for motorcycles. Apparently Aprilia and Yamaha are the makers of choice, but I couldn’t manage to find out who’s the producer of the “gear” that she wears. Nice one Aussie’s!

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This Aprilia Tuono stands out not only by its manufacturer-given features, but also thanks to the very particular orange paintjob. Placed in a unique location (a chemical plant) it looks inspiring and provides an awesome though small picture gallery.

The bike is a 2008 model year and retains its original technical specifications as well as design. So even though it is hard to believe, a single paint change can radically upgrade a bike in what concerns the visual aspect. This is one good example.

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In this article we’re going to have a closer look at what the motorcycle manufacturers are planning for us next year. Since model years are different in parts of the world,we’re not going to call them 2009 or 2010 model, but just “next year”. You’ll understand. In four months, world’s biggest motorcycle exhibition (Intermot in Germany) opens its doors, and we’ll be seeing many new models. Here’s our stab at what we think (hope) to see. Aprilia The prototype RSV 1000 V4 was already presented (...)
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Who knows, maybe you’ve got a spare Aprilia lying around. So what can you do with it? One thing you can do, is take it to custom shop MotoMorphic in San Rafael, California. There, they can transform your old and bland Aprilia into something more eye-catching. Motorcycle manufacturers need to design motorcycle that appeal to a large group of potential buyers, while custom shops need to apply their trade to make one person happy; you the customer. So they can do more or less whatever they (...)
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Thierry Van Den Bosch, along with his Aprilia SXV 4.5, reconfirmed his leadership of the World S1 Supermoto Championship. After winning the European Grand Prix one month ago, he was able to repeat that result in the second international round of the season: the Italian Grand Prix at Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia). On Saturday, Van Den Bosch put everyone in their place on the dry track, marking the best time in the qualifying round. He repeated that performance on Sunday morning when he (...)
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The sun also shines for the 250cc qualifying practice defining the Italian GP starting grid. Riders extensively tested their bikes’ set-ups for dry conditions, which are also foreseen for tomorrow’s race. Aprilia performed brilliantly placing two RSAs in the first two positions ad six bikes in the first ten. Hector Barbera, on his RSA of the Toth team, got the pole with the time of 1’52”675, setting the new record of the Tuscan circuit. The Valencian rider proved to be very fast these two (...)
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Here’s a lesson that all of us could take: it’s the rider not the bike that makes the difference and you can have a blast on a mid-size motorcycle too. To convince you, here’s a video where a Kawasaki ZX-R ...400 competes against three other bikes but the weird thing is that the 400cc is far from its place in this pile of cubic centimeters and watts.

Before you watch this video I must remind you that the 400cc has a maximum power output around 57HP while the other three at least three times more.

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