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50cc may not sound like a whole lot for an engine considering there are more powerful engines for bikes in the market, but there’s still a market for it. And as far as being one of the top dogs in the world of 50cc supersport motorcycles, the Aprilia RS 50 offers all the things you need in a bike of its size.

You might find it surprising that a bike like the RS 50 comes with lightweight wheels, radial calipers, an aluminum frame and swingarm, and an under-seat exhaust, but that’s what Aprilia has done with this bike. In the simplest of words, the RS 50 is a genuine sports motorcycle that comes packed with the sort of technology normally found only on a GP racer. Its eye-catching, racing lines and determined, aggressive shape tell you that the Aprilia RS 50 knows no compromise.

This 50 cc supersport is made to thrill and has all the performance needed to do so, thanks in part to a surprisingly powerful 50cc liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke engine that offers the very latest design and technology, allowing it to deliver exceptional performance (6.25 kW at 10,000 rpm) for its size.

As far as style is concerned, the RS 50 draws inspiration from the flagship model of the Aprilia family, the RSV 1000 R , the very same twin that beat Japanese four cylinder racers to win the 2006 Master Bike trophy. Using the same technology used on the powerful RSV, Aprilia was able to build a 50cc bike that all other bikes in its segment fear the most.

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Even if the Aprilia RS4 50 belongs in one of the lightest classes in Moto GP racing, you can’t deny that the bike has produced some pretty amazing results in its short period of time.

When Aprilia decided to build the RS4 50, they did so while keeping in mind the recipe of a championship-winning bike. The livery and eye-catching form of the Aprilia RS4 50 echo the looks of the Factory version of the Aprilia RSV4 supersports, sharing more than just a family resemblance with the most hardcore street version bike dominating the world SBK championship.

The design of the fairings and tank, the unique looks of the front end, with the headlights suspended over the gaping air intakes, and the spectacular tapered tail fairing are identical to their counterparts on the V4 1000 cc supersports model that set new standards in terms of style and technical content for the superbike segment.

At the heart of the Aprilia RS4 50 is a single-cylinder 50 cc unit water cooled two-stroke with reed valve induction that comes mated to a six-speed transmission, allowing the rider to make full use of the performance of this class beating engine. This gives the bike the kind of championship-caliber performance that has defined Aprilia’s image as one of the best in the business.

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Sometimes, all you really need is a little ounce of love. In the sports scooter market, it’s no secret that Aprilia’s SR 50 Street scooter has been a trailblazer on two wheels.

And now that we’re rolling along in 2012, that’s not going to change, especially when you consider that Aprilia went to great lengths to design a scooter that features an aggressive new profile inspired by the company’s flagship bike, the RSV 1000 R Factory. More than just the new styling quirks, the SR 50 incorporates numerous technical solutions derived directly from Aprilia’s world-beating maxi, bringing you the best in equipment and the highest level of active safety you can get.

The bike’s 49cc liquid cooled horizontal single cylinder two stroke engine exudes plenty of confidence in such a small frame. Add that to the fact that the scooter has an excellent combination of sports performance and urban intelligence, and you have a scooter that’s ready to become your everyday companion out on the road.

While not a racing scooter per se, the SR 50 Street has become the preferred scooter of the Aprilia Racing Team and is used extensively at trials and race meetings to get quickly between pit lane and the paddock. If you need people to vouch for these bikes, you only need to talk to Aprilia’s top riders to get all the encouragement you need.

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The Aprilia SR 50 is one of the legendary scooters of our time, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, 2012 rolls along and you now have a scooter that is redefining the "sports scooter" market.

For the 2012 model, the Aprilia SR 50 Factory comes with an aggressive new design that was inspired by the RSV 1000 R Factory. On top of that, the RS 50 incorporates numerous technical solutions derived directly from Aprilia’s world-beating maxi, bringing you exceptional levels in equipment and the highest level of active safety you can get. With advanced technology, a legendary name, and guaranteed performance, the new SR 50 is being prepared as a scooter that follows in the long history of its name and does its predecessors proud.

Ever since it was first introduced, the SR has been one of the best sports scooters money can buy. This model is no different, which is why when you’re in the market for a tried-and-tested scooter name, the model that should be on top of your list is the Aprilia SR 50 Factory.

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Don’t be duped into thinking that the Aprilia SX 50 is a lightweight on two wheels. On the contrary, this bike, while clearly dedicated to young riders seeking the best technology around matched with head-turning good looks, is one that’s been designed with high-performance capabilities that few bikes in its segment can compete with. You certainly don’t expect anything less from Aprilia , a company that has taken the task of building the most efficient bikes in the market, whether it’s 50cc machines or their flagship models.

The SX 50, in particular, draws from years of innovation and expertise on 50cc bikes. The design offers sharp, clear-cut lines that are derived directly from the RXV/SXV off-road style icons, a testament to the enduring design of Aprilia bikes in all its forms. The SX 50 supermotard is also the epitome of a high-performance 50 cc machine, as evidenced by an advanced liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke engine that uses the latest in single-cylinder technology, ensuring exceptional performance from a surprisingly low weight bike.

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The Aprilia RSV4 has raced and been compared to a number of different things over the years so it’s a little refreshing that for a change, Aprilia USA is taking its competitive juices aside to pay tribute to the the of man’s greatest technological achievement: the space shuttle.

When the first shuttle mission launched back in 1981, it opened the gates for a golden age in technological advancements that coursed through various industries, including the automotive and motorcycle segments. The space shuttle program made so many things possible in this world and opened our eyes to a world full of never-before-though-of possibilities.

Now that the space shuttle is nearing its end, the folks over at Aprilia USA have released a pretty cool video paying tribute to the space shuttle program and all the men and women responsible for designing, building, and operating the very machine that made space travel possible.

As part of the video, Aprilia uses facts from both the space shuttle and their very own RSV4 superbike to note how the former set the precedent - in more ways than one - for the latter, and so many other machines, to become the technological marvels that they are in their own right.

It’s not so much a comparison video this time around for the RSV4, but more of Aprilia tipping their helmets off to one of mankind’s finest achievements as it makes its final voyage into the cosmos.

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Aprilia has brought a new limited edition RSV4 to the US market. Called the RSV4 Factory APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) Special Edition, this special edition was developed using data from this year’s Superbike Championship and is equipped with a new electronic management system that includes traction control, wheelie control, launch control and quick shift.

The new bike is powered by a water cooled, 999cc, 65° V4 engine that develops 180 HP and 115 Nm of torque. The APRC package uses an automotive inertial platform with two turn meters and two accelerometers that enable the ECU to track dynamic conditions and adjust engine control consequently. The rider can adjust any component of the APRC system independently at will.

Also, the RSV4 Factory APRC SE is the first Aprilia bike that comes with the Aprilia Quick Shift as standard. Basically, the quick shift shortens spark advance for an instant and then gradually restores it, making for super-fast shifting with no need to close the throttle or use the clutch. The system works hand in hand with the new closer spaced gearbox to limit RPM drop during shifting for faster lap times.

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Next to the RS4 , Aprilia also brought the Tuono V4 R supersports bike to the EICMA Show. The new bike features a new exhaust system with bypass valve, which is two kilos lighter than the system used on the RSV4 R and is powered by a V4 65° engine framed by the brushed aluminum elements.

One special feature of the new Tuono V4 R is the APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) joystick, the second generation electronic dynamics control package developed by Aprilia to get as close as possible to the physical limits of riding. APRC is based on an automotive inertia sensor platform, with two gyrometers and two accelerometers allowing the ECU to determine the dynamic state of the motorcycle and control engine torque accordingly to help the rider exploit the full performance potential of the bike in all conditions.

The APRC package includes ATC traction control (Aprilia Traction Control), with eight selectable levels, which controls sliding when accelerating out of a curve in relation to bank angle and throttle aperture, AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control), which helps the rider control extreme wheelying by gradually bringing the front wheel back to the ground, and AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift), which allows instantaneous upshifts without closing the throttle or using the clutch. Completing the suite of four functions is the most exhilarating of all: ALC (Aprilia Launch Control).

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Aprilia has unveiled a completely revised RS4 at the EICMA Show in Italy. It will be offered in two versions: Aprilia RS4 50 and Aprilia RS4 125. The first version, the RS4 50, is powered by a single cylinder, liquid cooled 50 cc 2-stroke engine while the second version, the RS4 125, is powered by a single cylinder liquid cooled 125 cc 4-stroke with electronic injection, 4 valves, and double overhead camshafts (DOHC).

The RS4 features a unique look at the front end with the headlights suspended over the gaping air intakes. It also uses the same spectacular tapered tail fairing as found on the 1000 cc supersports model. These models set new standards in terms of style and technical content for the superbike segment.

The superbike comes with a multifunctional analogue/digital instrument panel with LCD display and 6-spoke design wheels. On Aprilia RS4, one additional detail underscores the level of sophistication of the bike: the exhaust, which is unmistakably inspired by competition machines, is completely integrated within the lower part of the fairing. A solution that is not just visually effective, but which also contributes significantly to the dynamics of the bike by helping to centralise masses.

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As the world’s fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer, Aprilia has been noted for creating first-class bikes that captivate any rider’s heart. And every year they have added unique motorcycle models to their huge collection.

In 2007, the company launched the Aprilia Shiver 750. This model, unfortunately, didn’t get the market’s attention successfully due to the Shiver’s not-so-good exterior reported by its importers. However in 2010, the Aprilia Shiver 750 seems to be taking a corner with some major improvements to the bike’s exterior. Many didn’t expect this, but the Shiver 750 has made it’s appearance more head-turning, and its specs more interesting. Aprilia has made changes to the motorcycle’s lower seats, brakes, sitting positions, wheels, and abs in the hopes of selling more units this year. And even though the Shiver has been given a new face and some major revisions, this 2-wheeled vehicle is still easy to ride.

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