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The summer is over for the Aprilia Alitalia team as they will be heading back for the 11th German round at the Nurburgring World Superbike Rider’s battle. Three more rounds to go wherein the Aprilia Alitalia team has to defend 2 leaderships; the rider class with Max Biaggi and the manufacturer class. This all-Italian squad is surely a great way to end the season.

The 2010 German season seemed to a boom for the Aprilia Alitalia team with nine unexpected wins by four-time world champion Max BIaggi and seven more podium finishes with three credited to Britain’s Leon Camier. These winnings granted ranking leader Max Biaggi with 373 points which is 60 more than Suzuki’s second-placed Leon Haslam. Aprilia has 385 points in the Manufacturers’ chase against Suzuki ’s 334 and Ducati ’s 297.

Points leader Max Biaggi said, "I can’t wait to get back on the track! The holidays are important and pleasant of course but the appeal of the track is always irresistible. The Nurburgring is a great track, and not as difficult as Silverstone for our RSV4. We’re now into the decisive part of the season. Of course I’m happy with what we’ve achieved so far, but the day of reckoning is at the end, so don’t talk to me about strange strategies and settling for points. We’ve got two leaderships to defend and it’s not that easy: you can see how easy it is to lose points, our rivals are ready to capitalize on every wrong move we make. There are still six races left, that’s 150 points, so the maths show that anything is possible. For the team, it’s time for all of us to buckle down again, from here on every race will be decisive."

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There have been rumors stating that since the unsuccessful launch of Aprilia ’s naked bike, the Shiver , the company just wasn’t capable of releasing new motorcycles that would boom in the market. But now, after four years of silence, Aprilia is introducing a new Dorsoduro Motorbike. The 2011 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 is said to be stronger than the previous Dorsoduro released years ago. This fascinating new motorbike can now be added to the Italian manufacturer’s collection when it is introduced at the EICMA show in Milan this year. It will be joining the previous Dorsoduro 750 and the Dorsoduro Factory 750 models.

The first ever official image of the Dorsoduro 1200 was recently released, and although it did not give us a good enough grasp of the features the bike will have, it did provide us with a little information. In the photos you can see that the bike’s ABS system was completely redesigned and the description attached to the image noted that the Dorsoduro will have a 1200cc 90-degree V-Twin engine. The bike’s new engine will perform at a higher compression to allow for increased displacement, so expect some robust power coming from the ride-by-wire platform. Aprilia claims that the new motorbike will have a power output of 130 hp at 8700 rpm and 84.8 ft-lb. of torque at 7200 rpm. This new engine feature is considered to be a strong point in leading over the other top bikes in the market today.

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With the occasion of Max Biaggi’s double win at the Monza WSBK round in Italy, Aprilia took the wraps off their all-new racing replica RSV4 superbike. The bike is destined for the racing track and can be used as an entry-level WSBK race machine as it offers a heck more performance over the production street version and also meets FIM regulations.

Claiming 200bhp and 92lb/ft of torque (that’s an impressive 20bhp and 7.4lb/ft over the production RSV4) from the 65-degree V4 motor, Aprilia sure seems to have done their homework when creating this proper Ducati Desmosedici RR competitor. But it is the ingenious stuff that makes the difference and in the case of the RSV4 Max Biaggi Replica this consists into: a six gear transmission with a multi-disk oil bath clutch with a mechanical anti-skipping system, ride-by-wire throttle control system, QuickShift assisted shifting, an Akrapovich 4-2-1 titanium exhaust and carbon fiber fairing.

All in all, the bike weighs in at 385.8 lbs (dry), which is definitely an achievement over the standard version’s 405.6 lbs. Still, we also have to mention the Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes and Marchesini forged magnesium alloy wheels before hitting you with the price - 50,000 euros (US$64,142). The clearly exclusive bike is available in Biaggi’s Alitalia Aprilia livery or bare carbon.

Gigi Dall’lgna, technical and sport manager of Aprilia Racing says:

“With the RSV4 Biaggi Replica we offer the sports enthusiast a motorcycle which is as close as you can get to the RSV4 that Max rides on the track in World Superbike. In this project, which was developed in parallel to our re-entry into SBK, we poured out all of our knowledge and years of experience on tracks all over the world. This is the bike which came out of it, conceived and developed within Aprilia Racing to offer unique sensations to the shrewd user.”

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There is simply no way that the Aprilia RS125 could look better than with this gorgeous brunette girl alongside it. Why? Take a trip to Italy and you’ll see exactly this kind of babe either riding the bike or sitting at the back as passenger. The idea of combining these two beauties is just right and very realistic.

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Not long ago, Aprilia decided to enlarge their success area from supermoto (SXV ) and enduro (RXV ) to motocross with the MXV 4.5 model. Don’t be fooled by the bike’s similar looks as Aprilia spent a lot of time modifying the platform in order to prove efficient for motocross riding. The frame and fuel tank suffered radical changes, while the engine has been worked on from airbox to exhaust.

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With the RXV 4.5 – 5.5, Aprilia proves that development never stops as the world of racing is a continuous inspiration for road legal motorcycles such as the two reviewed today. Featuring an even lighter chassis than the previous generation model, an upgraded V-Twin motor and new design, the RXVs are some of the most highly acclaimed off-road motorcycles of this year.

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In a world where 50cc two-wheeled vehicles are called mopeds, the Aprilia RS 50 manages to stand out as a supersport model with all the features that come with the category.

The two-stroke engine’s 8.4 horsepower would mean the difference between a stock and an aftermarket exhaust in the case of most liter bikes, but when you start thinking that Aprilia took the time to develop an aluminum frame and swingarm, light wheels and an RSV-inspired fairing for the RS 50, you know that they’re up to something big (and not necessarily in terms of engine displacement) here.

Although it might seem like it’s designed for pure fun, the smallest supersport bike from Italy is here to teach kids and teenagers the first steps in sports riding. And when the engine starts feeling week, an 80cc cylinder kit will keep riders on their first RS bike before even considering the RS 125 alternative.

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Aprilia has come a long way with the Pegaso 650 and we’re now witnessing the presence of more than one such model in their lineup. The Factory and Trail are two similar and yet very different models. Although featuring the same engine and chassis, one fits in the supermotard category and the other in the enduro one. This really shows the Italian manufacturer’s talent in transforming a bike depending on the requests of riders, but also how versatile the Pegaso 650 actually is.

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What started as the simple transformation from naked to sport-touring ended up a completely new project for the Italians from Aprilia because turning a class-leading urban commuter into a machine ready to take on any kind of trip means more than simply adding a half-fairing and a screen to the original bike.

The Aprilia Shiver 750 GT/ABS is a technologically advanced and highly refined way to prove the Italians have a word or two to say in this industry.

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It was little what Aprilia could improve at their Shiver 750 naked bike, but they decided to do it anyway and then claim the 2010 model year is a more advanced one than its predecessor. Indeed, the naked bike gone supermoto gets a headlight cowl, wave brake discs and new colors, but we wouldn’t brag too much about it as, in essence – meaning engine and chassis – it remains the same.

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