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  Bajaj Auto is a major vehicle manufacturer from India and the company was started in the 1930s. The manufacturer makes and exports automobiles, scooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw (three wheelers). In 2008 Bajaj made its intentions clear of entering the four wheeler market with Renault and had shown a prototype of their small car. In 2012 the manufacturer finally unveiled their first four wheeler which it is going to market as a replacement to the three wheeler

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In one of the latest Bajaj video ads, two apparently calm girls but who have clearly seen The Matrix a couple of times engage in a serious fight immediately after barely hearing the exhaust noise of the Indian manufacturer’s latest motorcycle model, the DTS-i. We find the video rather long, but very amusing as well.

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Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj is better known for their clever, suggestive and often funny videos rather than for the motorcycles themselves (at least outside India) and they stick to the plan by giving us a flavor of their new Bajaj Pulsar and two Goodbye Traffic videos. All these are part of a special website that Bajaj has created for the occasion and which, of course, has a countdown timer that makes us even more anxious to see the full thing revealed on December 9th. The videos are attached after the jump.

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The power to meditate is strongly related to excluding all possible temptations from the life of any young recruit, but as Jackie Chan shows us, even the master itself is allowed to have one temptation…at least when nobody is around.

This ad is for the Bajaj Discover-DTS-i model, but it can very well stand for any other of their models due to the brilliancy of the Marketing & Advertising department.

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Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Bajaj, is more likely recognized around the globe for their highly inspired, sometimes exaggerated, but always attractive TV ads rather than for the bikes that they build and sell. We’ve just come across their latest commercial video starring their popular DTSi models and couldn’t believe our eyes. The video shows these things actually transforming in walking, playing, jumping and dancing robots. They’ve also integrated a funny part so it’s all there for you to enjoy.

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