2006 - 2008 Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Benelli relies on the Tornado Tre 1130 to define the clear line between a sports bike and an off-road one resulting in an ideal street motorcycle that hates stopping when the pavement ends. There is no wonder people claim it as the best bike ever to be produced by Benelli.



Engineers had carefully considered the off-road factor so the frame created provides an easy ride while being sensitive to a rider’s actions. Also, a carefully positioned radiator allows high thermal exchanges when riding your own dusty path at low speed. Completing the chassis’s efficiency is the rear suspension system which manages to combine stability and comfort in the most efficient way.

But none of the previously mentioned features would have mattered if the bike wasn’t powered by the fuel-injected 1131cc liquid-cooled inline-triple engine. The powerful and efficiently-tuned motor is what practically launches this bike like a ramp in the customer’s eyes so we’ll be further studying it.


Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

We’ve all witnessed Benelli’s launch of the Tornado Tre 1130 K in 2006 and couldn’t helped noticing what a refined bike it was from the very beginning. In fact, the Tornado Tre 1130 we’ve had the opportunity to swing a leg over the past days, even though a 2008 model, it is exactly what a buyer would have received two years ago, meaning that refinements didn’t rushed coming at Benellis, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the bike needs them.

If you’re reckoning the Tre 1130 K is not thrust-worthy enough it is also good to know that this maker has been produced the Tornado (only as a sports bike) ever since 2001 and the line-up doesn’t stop growing. So the engine, tranny are not recently developed, but more of relatively recently refined.


Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

As much as the Benelli would try to individualize itself as one truly unique motorcycle, in the mind of its owners there will always be the Triumph Tiger. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t even decide on one so why judge you?

A fight between an Italian and a British motorcycle is indeed expected to be tight, but this is definitely the roughest competition ever. Both of these two are the kind of motorcycle on which you’re way up on the seat, plan to ride it outside the street limits and yet you wear a suit with knee-scrapers.

The Tiger is perfect for gathering miles and miles on weekend trips thanks to its ability to dress as much characters as the rider holding the throttle feels like. This bike can be a commuter, it can tour, and it can even find you scratching the asphalt while trying to leave behind the Tornado. And this will not be the easiest task for the electronically fuel injected 1050cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, in-line three-cylinder engine found on the jungle boy as the 114bhp and 74ft.lbf will have to beat Tornado’s 123bhp and 85ft.lbf.

So I guess everything now depends on the way the two competitors go through corners. The Triumph Tiger, as well as the Benelli Tornado benefit of wide bars which radically improve their easy maneuverability and determines me to call it even. I guess everything depends on each one’s tastes and preferences. But they can also be influenced by the Tiger’s $10,999 MSRP or $11,799 for the ABS version that is available.


Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

By simply taking a look at the Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K the bike’s design will immediately establish an attraction that is hard to ignore even when the Tiger is seen. While riding the thing I noticed many people turning their heads after it and I reckon that it all has to do with its slender look. With one occasion while stopping for gas and a cup of coffee a nice citizen approached me to manifest its curiosity and amaze related to the bike’s exterior. I quote: “It looks like the air tunnel wind molded it or like a long-hair guy driving a convertible!”

This is how people tend to percept it, but for a half-faired motorcycle I must say that it attracts the eye, liking it or not. The headlights are stretched almost on the entire front fairing and the windshield is positioned at sport bike angle. There was no room for the signal lights in this harmony so they were simply integrated in the mirror’s support.

It has a nice, tall and stylish gas tank which underneath it reveals the three-cylinder engine heading its exhaust pipes to the silencer positioned under the seat.

Colors combinations are: Silver and Green, Red and White, Silver and Black.


Test Drive

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Getting a feel of the Tre-K is like finding what you’ve always been looking for at a road bike. It offers reliability, confidence, an awesome riding position and, most of all, adaptability. The bike is perfect for commuting, touring and even aggressive riding if you will.

Starting with the key factor of its versatility, the triple-cylinder engine is the best unit ever to find its place on one of the Italian manufacturer’s bikes (my opinion) and it all consists in the small things. Twisting the throttle will generate a smooth power supply, especially in the higher gears and, if needed, the motor can offer al the grunt required for quick motorway passes. The magic consists in playing with the gears and the throttle so that means knowing the bike.

This brings us to the almost instantaneous familiarity that you’ll be feeling from the very first inch rolled on it. The riding position given by those relaxing wide bars, comfortably low-positioned footpegs and nicely shaped comfy seat will have you willing to spend all your weekends on its back and I don’t see why you won’t do that.

Suitable for any type of street and being fitted with grippy rubber, the Tornado Tre-K corners very easy and confidence-inspiring and you’ll even manage to scrap the asphalt with your knees if that’s the challenge, although I didn’t tried it that often. I mostly enjoyed keeping the engine close to its 9500 rpm redline even when passing through twisty sections. Although I don’t recommend you trying this it helps knowing your bike’s top abilities such as handling, acceleration and braking. Also, for doing this, the gearbox helped a lot although I don’t recall hitting fourth more than one time on that section of road. The clutch is smooth and completes its engagement-disengagement part spotless.

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Although the Benelli felt great between stop signs and traffic jams with the engine revving nicely away from any eventual delay problem, I mostly appreciate this kind of bike when it comes to the long haul. This is where it definitely impresses and if you plan on making things perfect, the three-way manually adjustable screen will help you do exactly that. Wind protection is great, even thought the rider sits vertically on the bike. There will be a natural tendency to tuck in the fairing and this will also help a lot when powerfully braking because when getting back in the normal riding position, the biker will also brake with itself (the old racing trick).

And if it comes to racing, the 50mm upside Marzocchi forks and Extreme Technology will be better off performing on the track than on the road so the suspension equipment was what kept me from falling on the twisty section.

All that’s left for me to say about this bike is that you’ll be simply thrilled by the smooth power delivery, the natural riding position and the quick and easy steering which are Italian standards.


The only disadvantage is that it comes with a relatively high suggested retail price. Compared with its competition, Tre-K’s $14,799 MSRP is indeed significantly higher, but not exaggerated considering the building quality and finishing touches.


After the company’s revamp in the first years of the new millennium Benelli delivers the awesomely styled and great performing Tornado Tre 1130 K as an alternative to the British competitor’s Tiger and together with it, the most refined bike they’ve ever built. Don’t look for the fairing, it doesn’t need one, and neither for the fourth piston because in this class three-cylinders are more than enough.




Engine and Transmission

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Type: 3 cylinders, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, 12 Valves, DOHC (double overhaed camshaft)

Cylinder Capacity: 1131 cc 

Bore x Stroke: 88 x 62 

Compression Ratio: 11,9:1 

Maximum Power: 92 Kw @ 9.000 RPM

Maximum Net Torque: 112 Nm @ 5.000 RPM

Firing Order: 1 > 3 > 2 

Intake Valve Diameter: 33 mm 

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 29 mm 

Intake Engine Timing: 12°bTDC 44° aBDC 

Exhaust Engine Timing: 36°aBDC 20° aTDC 

Maximum Valve Lift: Int.7,5 exh.7,5 

Throttle Body, Diameter: 53 mm 

Lubrication System: Wet sump 

Fuel System: Injection EURO 3 

Clutch: Wet clutch 11 discs 

Ignition: Digital - inductive type via electronic engine management 

Starting: Electric

Gearbox: 6 - speed 

Transmission: 525 chain type

Primary Ratio: 44 / 79 

Final Ratio: 16 / 34 

Gear Ratios (Secondary)

1° 14 / 39
2° 18 / 35
3° 21 / 32
4° 23 / 30
5° 24 / 28
6° 25 / 26 

Chassis and Dimensions

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Frame: ASD steel tube trellis, with boxed section

Front Suspension: "upside down" fork Ø 50 mm

Front Travel: 150 mm

Rear Suspension: ASD steel tube trellis swingarm

Rear Travel: 150 mm

Rake: 25°

Trail: 102 mm

Offset: 33 mm

Front Brake Diameter: Ø 320 mm

Rear Brake Diameter: Ø 240 mm

Front Tyre: 120-70/17

Rear Tyre: 180-55/17

Length: 2183 mm

Width: 850 mm

Height: 1320 mm

Seat Height: 810 mm

Wheelbase: 1515 mm

Dry Weight: 205 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity: 22 lt

Fuel Reserve: 4 lt


Additional Models

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Completing the Benelli lineup from 2007 is the Tre 1130 K Amazonas model, a motorcycle that apparently looks like a Yellow and Black simple version, but underneath its beautiful shell hides many goodies which once uncovered will set it apart from the bike we’ve earlier studied.

The engine and transmission are exactly the same, but the modular frame is entirely made out of tubular steel trellis and, as well, features rear aluminum alloy casting. Suspension equipment on the newer model is yet even more suitable for the unpaved roads as it offers bigger stroke at both ends. In the front, an Ø48 mm upside-down fork, with hydraulic rebound, compression and spring preload adjustments offer 175mm of stroke instead of 150mm while at the rear, the same tubular steel trellis swingarm, progressive rear damper with hydraulic rebound and spring preload adjustment comes with 180mm stroke instead of 144mm.

Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

Also, for dealing better with any eventual obstacle that may try to ruin your day, the Benelli Tre 1130 K Amazonas is equipped with a 19” front wheel.

This additional model is one that definitely stands out as being more of an off-road adept and that is mostly due to its enlargement. Longer (+17mm), higher (+50mm) and a bit heavier (+3kg), the Amazonas won’t necessarily dedicate its success to these features, but more to what comes along with them. The 25mm higher seat and 15mm longer wheelbase will require the rider a slight bit of effort to flat foot the ground, but enjoyment will surely come on the, not necessarily upgraded, but more enthusiastic approach of this model.


Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 K

The fact that it is a stand-out model can also be noticed when finding out that the MSRP with which it is tied up to is $15,699. Those who will ever twist its throttle or, even more, take it on the dust will remain caught up and understand why the price significantly grows.

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