2010 Benelli TnT R160

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Benelli launches yet another bomb with their R160 Café Racer wearing the “TNT” initials. While the “bomb” range is already famous for its performance, the new model represents the apogee for the naked line of products of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli as this is the most powerful TNT model bragging with as much as 155 horsepower developed by the 1130 inline triple engine.

This, together with the bike’s aggressive design characterized by stylish lines and carbon fiber parts, makes the new Benelli quite a competitor for the Ducati Streetfighter .

Rumors say the thing will start at $17,000, but there’s no official word on that yet.

Benelli TnT R160
Benelli TnT R160
Benelli TnT R160


The proportions of this bike are absolutely perfect- looks like it’s doing 300 km/h standing still. Individual elements of the styling are stunning- the exposed engine, the gorgeous exhaust system, the tubular frame members and swing-arm. That said, the bike as a whole is just too busy to be beautiful. Shame.

This is like the TNT SPORT EVO.

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