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Benelli launches yet another bomb with their R160 Café Racer wearing the “TNT” initials. While the “bomb” range is already famous for its performance, the new model represents the apogee for the naked line of products of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli as this is the most powerful TNT model bragging with as much as 155 horsepower developed by the 1130 inline triple engine.

This, together with the bike’s aggressive design characterized by stylish lines and carbon fiber parts, makes the new Benelli quite a competitor for the Ducati Streetfighter .

Rumors say the thing will start at $17,000, but there’s no official word on that yet.

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Motorcycle design guru Oberdan Bezzi has recently come up with a racing motorcycle concept inspired from the MotoGP and yet destined to the motorcycle shows floors. The Jarno bike pays a tribute to Jarno Saarinen, a racer for Benelli in the 350 and 500 GP who won two races on the circuit of Pesaro Villa Fastiggi in the 1970s.

Like most concepts, it shows off its maker’s potential without putting anything into practice.

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Claimed as the best Tornado Naked to have ever been produced by the Italian maker, the Sport Evo stands out thanks to its 127.4 horsepower engine and a versatile chassis to back it up. It represents one of the best ways to prove that the naked segment is clearly influenced by such builders and it was well worth taking it for a ride (like that’s ever bothering).

Benelli relies on the Tornado Tre 1130 to define the clear line between a sports bike and an off-road one resulting in an ideal street motorcycle that hates stopping when the pavement ends. There is no wonder people claim it as the best bike ever to be produced by Benelli.

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Relatively new in Benelli’s continuously growing lineup, the Titanium 07 is a true representative of how Italians prefer building their bikes. Light, compact, powerful and filled with attitude, this bike is in for a piece of the action with little features that will draw it back.

Benelli has created the Tornado Tre 1130 model as an exquisite alternative to Japanese and other European motorcycles and it ended up as the most successful and representative model produced by the Italian maker. Ever since its introduction it hasn’t gone through that much changes due to the fact that the first ever was such a big hit, but let’s see what the 2008 model has to offer.

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Benelli’s absolutely brand new naked bikes, the Tornado Naked Tre 899 and the Tornado Naked Tre 899s, are aggressively styled powerful Italian machines created with the clear goal of getting a share of the naked segment which has gained enormous popularity in the past years. By simply taking a look at the SPECS page and at the bikes, you’ll surely reckon these two have all the chances to complete with the purpose of their creation and I won’t contradict you at all.

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Benelli long intended to join everybody else out on the trails and 2008 couldn’t have been a better time for such an introduction as the all-new BX 505 Enduro. Practically a BX 449 Cross with a bigger and retuned engine, this ride is more adequate for hard off-road exploitation and for riders who have experienced motocross riding and who feel like taking the best of it in the woods.

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Usually, Benelli models didn’t impress people that much due to the poor finishing touches and the considered anemic engines, but with the 2008 model range we reckon that things are taking a dramatic change for the best. A great example is the brand-new Benelli BX 449 Cross, a bike that situates among Europe’s greatest dirt track machines.

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