2013 Beta Urban 200 Special

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The idea behind the Beta Urban was to create a city scrambler that can deal effortless with traffic. It is wrapped in minimalist, yet sporty looking skin with sleek lines and eye catching colors. As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Beta Urban features a slim and comfortable saddle paired with a slightly raised handlebar that gives you an upright riding posture and clear visibility.

The Beta Urban 200 is propelled by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, S.O.H.C. unit which sends its power to the rear wheel through a five speed transmission with multi-disc clutch. As you’d probably expect there isn’t much sound or fury as the single-cylinder engine spins to life, and the mellow hum from the 4-stroke unit won’t exactly fill your blood with adrenaline. But once you start to built some speed and attack the corners, then you’ll notice that the engine works fairly well in concert with the front hydraulic fork and the rear monoshock.

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Beta Urban 200 Special


Beta’s new “road-bike” which has been on the market for a few months already has a certain following with city motorcyclists thanks to its deliberately minimal-fun look.
The Milan trade show is an ideal opportunity to present this bike to the public, as well as the SPECIAL, a version with great visual impact in its styling, clearly made for people who love the personalised touch.

The URBAN grew out of a clear idea: to create a city scrambler. It is simple to use and can be equipped over time with accessories to personalise it according to each rider’s taste.
Riding around the city on a daily basis on a small two-wheeled vehicle means avoiding lines at traffic lights, always finding a parking spot and easily zipping through alleys where other vehicles can’t fit because of their width.

To whom is the URBAN suited? There is no specific group of users.
Its “minimal” appearance ensures that everyone, especially novices, will have excellent control and an immediate feeling of confidence. Those with experience can try small spins and jumps (to be done cautiously).
The height of the seat and its weight (101 kg for the 125 and 110 kg for the 200) make this Beta perfect for women, too.
And finally, the URBAN is also appealing for that seasoned motorcyclist who is looking for an easy-to-operate alternative to a scooter, to park next to his/her “official” bike.

The Special Version

Beta Urban 200 Special

In order to meet the needs of people who love to drive an “elitist” vehicle, Beta has equipped the URBAN with a series of special accessories and has modified the cycle parts and the engine.

From an aesthetic point of view, Beta designers are offering a white frame in contrast with the red-painted rear frame. And the seat and handlebar grips are still two-toned and rims are black.

Other special features include a new higher-performance stainless steel exhaust system, new wheel hubs in light alloy with diamond-edged finish, aluminium handlebars and a pair of daisy-type brake discs (front and rear).

This description is limited to the main modifications. There are also other important differences... that we will let you discover yourselves.

Beta Urban 200 Special

Beta Urban 200 Special
Engine TypeSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, S.O.H.C.
Bore66,0 mm
Stroke58,2 mm
Compression ratio9,4:1
CarburettorMikuni BST 31 42AD
FeedingUnleaded gasoline
StarterElectric and mechanical starter
Lubricationforced with pump
Spark plugNGK DR8EA - DENSO X24ESR-U
Clutch Wetmulti-disc clutch
Primary trasmissionZ. 19/60
Gear box5 speed
Secondary trasmissionZ 15/41
Engine oilSAE 15W/50 (850cc)
Front suspensionHydraulic fork with ø38 mm shaft
Rear suspensionMonoshock with adjustable spring preload
Shock absorberstroke 63 mm
Front wheeltravel 170 mm
Rear wheeltravel 185 mm
Front brakewave brake disc ø245 mm
Rear brakewave brake disc ø220 mm
Front rim1,85 x 19
Rear rim2,15 x 16
Front tyre80/100 - 19 M/C
Rear tyre120/90 - 16 M/C
Price4.500 €

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