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The Devil’s Advocate is another custom looking bike designed by Big Bear choppers. The name may sound intriguing to some of you, but it copes perfectly with the bike. The motorcycle features a classic design language which screams “STYLE”. However, apart from looking good, the Big Bear Choppers Devil’s Advocate was also designed with comfort in mind and one of its main features is the fact that it can accommodate up to two people.

Compared to the previous generation, the 2013 version comes with a wider front wheel and a new front fender. You also get a revised fuel tank, chrome rear belt guard, chrome front fender struts and standard chrome passenger pegs.

Power comes from a strong engine which delivers a maximum output of 115.8 hp and 122.8 lb.ft. of torque. The engine is kept in leash by a six speed overdrive transmission.

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The Big Bear Choppers GTX is one of the best looking motorcycles of its type. Its low-slung stature, the unique paint job and the raised handlebars give it a cool and aggressive overall appearance. Despite its fancy design, the motorcycle offers a pretty relaxed riding position and is fitted with a comfortable seat and an ergonomically designed handlebar.

The motorcycle is available in two versions. The first is equipped with a 115.8 bhp engine while the second one is powered by a slightly weaker 97 hp unit. Both engines are paired with a six speed, Overdrive transmission.

The bike’s frame is designed in house in company’s San Bernardino facility. Every frame component (e.g. neck, side plates, tank mounts, tranny plate, axle adjusters, etc) are CNC manufactured.

Among the features offered by the Big Bear Choppers GTX you’ll find an additional auxiliary fuel tank located under the seat, totaling over 5 gallons and a large capacity oil tank.

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