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The Bimota Tesi 3D is packed with a series of modern technologies which help it deliver first class performances. It combines the attributes of a naked with all the features offered by a sport bike, being able to deliver a comfortable riding position and a capable handling.

Talking about performances, the bike is propelled by a 90°L twin cylider, 4 strokes engine with a capacity of 1078cc. The fuel injected engine puts out 98 hp at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10,5 kgm at 5500 rpm.

In terms of style, the Bimota Tesi 3D features a compact design combined with an agile stance and sharp lines. We also need to send a shout at the two tubular swing arms, which underline the unique character of the Bimota brand. Out back you’ll find a modern layout for the exhausts pipes which are placed under the seat.

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Bimota showcased its 2013 lineup at the EICMA Motor Show which consists of 19 models. However, most of the bikes remained unchanged and are basically the same models presented in 2011.

Fortunately, the company has also come with a fresh model. To be honest it’s not 100% fresh as is technically a modified version of the 2011 Bimota DB10 B-Motorad.

The DBx is a rugged dual sport bike fitted with Öhlins TTX forks and four-way adjustable shock, Brembo monoblocs (2 x 300mm discs up front, 200mm in the back) and a lot of carbon fiber. Weighting only 385 lbs and powered by a 95 hp engine the new DBx is the lightest and most powerful bike in its class. With 19 inch front and 17 inch (18 inch optional ) rear wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires the Bimota DBx seems ready to conquer any terrain with poise.

Unfortunately, the new bike is only a concept developed to see test the public’s response. Judging by the way it looks and its sporty specs, the new bike could have a pretty bright future and we sincerely hope that Bimota will decide to launch it into production.

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Oberdan Bezzi looks keen on the Bimota Moto Morini union that he started with the MMB1 sketch as we’re now looking at his second rendering in this concern. Called MMB2 FighterMotard, the bike seems to combine the streetfighter and hypermotard styles in a way that looks just right.

A simple look at the bike made up by the two Italian brands is enough to spot Granpasso influences, but the low and aggressive stance definitely makes it a streetfighter.

The bike should address to a much larger crowd than that of enduro riders as it would most likely do well in the city, good off the asphalt and excellent down the twisties.

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Design guru Oberdan Bezzi has thought at a rather strange, but definitely interesting way to create a whole new V-twin powered Italian motorcycle. Called MMB1, the bike would come as the result of joined forces between Moto Morini and Bimota. The strange part is that MM would have to supply the engine on a bike to be sold with the Bimota name and logo on, but the thing does look plausible.

Our advice: don’t take it to seriously. Moto Morini was recently saved from bankruptcy by Paolo Berlusconi, so this is just Obiboi trying to guess where the company is heading now.

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MCN has got the exclusive story on the new Bimota DB8 and so we managed to find that despite rumors regarding the great possibility for the Italian firm to launch a Ducati Streetfighter /Aprilia Tuono competitor, meaning a dual-seat, 1200cc entry-level naked, the new bike will actually be a veritable superbike that offers the possibility to take your wife or girlfriend along for the ride, as Bimota spokesman Anna Carla Cuneo says: “Bimota customers are used to being surprised with new and innovative motorcycles offering unique design, good power and light weight – and many of them also have a wife or girlfriend that would like to come along. We are sure this design will be a big success.”

Bimota hopes to sell 250 such motorcycles for $33,057 (€23,000) while still producing their DB7 model, which starts at $37,369 (€26,000). It may sound like much for the average superbike buyer, but it is what Bimota considers ‘entry level’, so I guess we weren’t too far off after all.

Built around the same consecrate oval section CroMo hybrid chassis now linked to a aluminum subframe and featuring also Marocchi and Extreme Tech suspension front and rear, it is easy to see how building costs have been reduced, but we should also mention that the DB7’s carbon fiber fairing has been replaced with a cheaper, plastic one.

At least we’re satisfied by the fact that engineers made no concession in the engine department. As a result, the 1198 testastretta evoluzione, 4v twin cylinder 90° develops no less than 170 HP at 9.750 rpm and 131.4 Nm at 8.000 rpm. That’s even more impressive in relation to the 392.4 lbs (178 kg) weight of the bike. This means even more engine performance that the Bimota DB7 for less money. I believe we’re starting to understand the whole affordability thing. Read the full specs after the jump.

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After almost 10 years away from racing, Bimota has turned plans into facts and came up with the Moto2 racer. This follows last February’s announcement that they’ll be joining Moto2 series as a racing team or at least as a chassis designer. The thing is that we are weeks away from the racing bike’s official unveiling and yet we have the opportunity to see the thing being tested on the Binetto race track near Bari, Italy in this leaked video that came to clear things for us. Goooo Bimooootaaa!

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Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi visualizes the Bimota DB7 as a veritable roadster so he puts his skills to work and creates what has to be one of the coolest stripped down sportbikes of all times.

This concept directs our thoughts towards urban riders with an exquisite taste for Italian bikes that are supposed to be both adequate for stunt and short distance travel machines.

We totally dig this concept and hope that Bimota does so too.

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Easy to be confused with an usual Bimota DB7, but a real piece of jewelery for a maker’s fan, the SP Limited Edition is a real demonstration of the Italian style.

Only five such motorcycles have been produced (only for the Spanish market) and they come with a series of improvements and modifications such as a modified centralizer and digital track speedometer, which make life on board a little more classy. Also, the fairing is made out of carbon fiber for a racing look.

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By simply reading the title, it is much chance that you’ll be thinking at how such an occasion can’t be missed if willing to complete your Italian motorcycle collection. This baby is located in Los Angeles and it doesn’t plan on going anywhere until $29,799 grand are paid for it.

Created for the most ostentatious of you out there, the bike actually uses the 90 degree L-Twin engine that first made an impression on the Ducati 1100DS. With Desmodromic valvetrain and Magneti Marelli fuel injection system, it is easy to imagine how a blast this bike is until the engine hits redline at 9000 RPM. That would be a better time to further meet its finesse when using the hydraulic clutch and six-speed gearbox.

But such add would immediately attract the attention of the right buyer without even mentioning the features, so if you’re that buyer make sure to reply at sale-690008659@craigslist.org.

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The DB5R stands as the best DB5 model and has all the features to back up this affirmation. DB5’s greatness consist in agility and easy handling features which for 2008 and with the adding of the “R” to the model’s name have been radically upgraded.

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