2012 BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

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BMW revealed the 2013 versions of its C600 Sport and C 650 GT scooters. The maxi scooters represent a good alternative for those who want an efficient way of urban transportation.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the scooters come with the famous BMW technologies and reliability and offer excellent handling and performance. Power comes from a compact 2-Cylinder 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine with 4 valves per cylinder which offers a maximum speed of 174 kmph and is paired with a CVT transmission.

The scooters are not only fast but they are also good looking. Their sporty windshield is ready to protect you from the elements, while the attractive fairing helps you get noticed every time you’re passing down the street.

The sporty look of the scooters is also enhanced by the circular headlights with two side lights on the left and right, and the LED rear light cluster with single turn indicators.

Hit the jump for more information on the 2013 BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT.

BMW C600 Sport

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

The city is waiting for you and for the first ever BMW Motorrad Maxi-Scooter. The new C 600 Sport is perfect for anyone who is looking for an intelligent mobility solution combined with BMW Motorrad riding experience. The C 600 Sport offers excellent handling and performance. The striking design in characteristic BMW style, is a definite attention grabber. This is certainly the way to handle urban mobility. A world full of possibilities, adventures and challenges.

C 600 Sport offers a large windshield to protect you from the elements and a cavernous storage to haul all your needs.

With this Scooter you will cover you everyday routes with more enjoyment. The combination of excellent handling and performance is something you simply have to experience first hand.

The new C 600 Sport - the talk of the town.


BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

Conquer the city, or get away from it all, with the new BMW C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter, you can put your plans into practice in high style. The C 650 GT’s powerful 60 hp engine will handle long distances with ease. C 650 GT is also a great handling scooter that offers exceptional comfort too. This C 650 GT touring scooter will give you a whole new sense of freedom and independence.

The C 650 GT offers the biggest storage volume in its class along with superior wind and weather protection.

The Maxi-Scooter puts in an impressive performance but still maintains a low level of fuel consumption. C 650 GT offers clever details such as a parking brake integrated in the side stand, the electrically adjustable windshield and central locking.

The new BMW C 650 GT - reinventing freedom.

Press Release

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

The differing characteristics of the concepts behind these two maxi scooters appeal to a wide target group: the C600 Sport for the riders with sports ambitions, and the C650GT for customers attaching greater importance to comfort and touring ability.

The 2-cylinder inline engine of the C600 Sport and C650GT is an all new development by BMW Motorrad with a displacement of 647cc. In both models, its rated power output is 44 kW (60 hp) at 7500 rpm, and its 
max torque of 66 Nm [48.7 ft-lb] is available at 6000 rpm. The power is transferred via a directly integrated CVT, or continuously variable transmission.

The engine owes its low position and therefore low center of gravity to its cylinder bank, which is inclined to the front through 70°. The characteristic sound and low vibration levels are the result of the 90° crank pin offset, 270° ignition spacing, and two balancer shafts driven by spur gears.

An electronic fuel injection system supplies the four valves under the two overhead camshafts. Oil is supplied from a dry sump with double oil pump, and an efficient cooling concept optimizes the thermal equilibrium in the 
2-cylinder engine.

The exhaust system is made completely of stainless steel and complies with motorcycle specifications. Fitted with a closed loop catalytic converter and an oxygen sensor, the C600 Sport and C650 GT fulfill today the Euro-4 emission limits of tomorrow.

Suspension with playful handling and best riding stability

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

One objective in the development of the C600 Sport and C650GT was to combine directional stability at high speeds on the motorway with playful handling in city traffic and clear feedback to the rider – just like a motorcycle.

Accordingly, the design of the C600 Sport and C650GT suspension features a torsionally rigid hybrid interconnection of a tubular steel bridge frame and a diecast aluminum unit at the swingarm bearing. In addition, the 
2-cylinder inline engine functions as a bearing element, presenting a particularly rigid construction for stable and high precision response.

The greatest possible riding stability is also provided by the bearing for the cast light-alloy single swingarm with coaxial center of rotation.

Also the suspension elements fulfill more fastidious needs for sporting character and comfort. At the front, an upside down fork presents a generous fixed fork diameter of 40 mm [1.57 in.]. The tail presents a reclining spring strut on the left side. The spring travels are each 115 mm [4.53 in.], as they also occur quite commonly on the motorcycle sector. Also the tire widths and cross sections of the C600 Sport and the C650GT are aligned to motorcycle dimensions.

Powerful braking system with BMW Motorrad ABS fitted as standard

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

The new C600 Sport and C650GT are fitted with a generously sized braking system consisting of a two-rotor disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear, each 270 mm [10.6 in.] in diameter. At the same time, the BMW Motorrad ABS fitted as standard ensures maximum possible safety.

Multifunctional instrument cluster and optional LED daytime running light

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

The instrument cluster of the C600 Sport and C650GT presents a large, easily readable LCD display with integrated engine speed readout and an analog speedometer. The instrument cluster presents considerably more functions than usual in this vehicle class.

For the first time, BMW Motorrad is also offering an LED daytime running light as an optional equipment feature on its C600 Sport and C650GT.

C600 Sport with the world premiere FlexCase.

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

The FlexCase for the C600 Sport is an innovative storage space concept. 
A flap in the tail base under the seat enlarges the storage space on the stationary vehicle. This can be used e.g. to hold two helmets.

The differences between the C600 Sport and the C650GT at a glance

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

The sporty, dynamic scooter BMW C600 Sport is characterized by a seat positioned for extremely active riding. This was made possible by the arrangement of the foot boards, seat, and handlebar in an ergonomic triangle. More fastidious needs for touring and long distance capabilities, on the other hand, are fulfilled by the luxurious C650GT. The rider and passenger can therefore adopt a more relaxed sitting posture that is highly appreciated especially over long stretches. The ergonomics designed for even greater passenger capability and comfort can be felt in particular on a more comfortable seat with adjustable backrest for the rider in conjunction with a higher handlebar and comfortable floor boards in lieu of separate footrests for the passenger. In addition, the C650GT presents a larger, powered windscreen for even better protection against wind and weather.


BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT
  • C600 Sport with dynamic seat position as a result of flatter handlebar, sporty seat design for both one and two persons, and sporty footrests for the passenger; seat height 810 mm [31.9 in].
  • C650GT with emphatically comfortable seat position as a result of higher handlebar, more comfortable and larger seat with adjustable backrest for the rider, and foot boards for the passenger as well; seat height 780 mm [30.7 in.].


BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT
  • C600 Sport with windscreen adjustable mechanically to three positions.
  • C650GT with larger windscreen adjustable electrically over 10 cm [3.9 in.] for even greater comfort and protection from wind and weather.

Body and design

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT
  • C600 Sport with sporty, spartan panels. The lean tail with the dynamic upswing and emphatic body edges lend it lightness and dynamics.
  • C650GT with an organic design language emphasizing comfort attributes. Generously sized panel parts for outstanding comfort and protection against wind and weather.

Headlights, turn indicators, rear light

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT
  • C600 Sport: front turn indicators integrated in the paneling, twin circular headlights with two side lights on the left and right, LED rear light cluster with single turn indicators
  • C650GT: front turn indicators integrated in the mirrors, twin circular headlights with side lights between them presenting a vertical light strip of three elements, LED rear light cluster with integrated turn indicators.

Storage space

BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT
  • C600 Sport with world premiere FlexCase and hence variable storage space concept in the tail under the seat. Despite its sporty, spartan tail section, two helmets can be easily stowed in the parked vehicle.
  • C650GT with a large storage space of about 60 liters in the tail for taking two helmets and other utilities. Colors
  • C600 Sport: Cosmic blue metallic matt, Titanium silver metallic, Sapphire black metallic
  • C650GT: Sapphire black metallic, Platinum bronze metallic, Vermilion red metallic


BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT


Engine Type2-Cylinder 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine, 4 valves per cylinder
Bore x stroke79 mm x 66 mm
Capacity647 cc
Rated output44 kW at 7500 rpm
Max. torque66 Nm at 6000 rpm
Compression ratio11.6:1
Mixture controlengine management
Emission control Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, exhaust standard EU-4

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed175 Km/h
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h4,4
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h5,6
Fuel type Premium grade fuelunleaded 95 (RON)

Electrical System

AlternatorThree-phase generator 588 W
Battery12 V / 12 Ah, maintenance-free

Power transmission

ClutchCentrifugal Force
GearboxCVT Gearbox
DriveChain drive in oil bath

Chassis / brakes

Frame Steeltube construction with aluminium die cast unit
Front wheel locationsuspension Upside-down fork 40 mm
Rear wheel locationsuspension Single-sided swing arm
Suspensiontravel front / rear 115mm/115mm
Wheelbase1591 mm
Castor92 mm
Steering headangle 64.6 Deg
WheelsAluminium cast wheels
Rim, Front3.50 x 15"
Rim, rear4.50 x 15"
Tyre, front120/70 ZR 15
Tyre, rear160/60 ZR15
Brake, frontTwo-rota disc brake, diameter 270 mm, 2-piston floating caliper
Brake, rearSingle disc brake, diameter 270 mm, 2 piston floating caliper

Dimensions / weights

Length2155 mm
Width(incl. mirrors) 790 (877)
Height(excl. mirrors) 1378 mm
Seat heightunladen weight 810 mm
Inner leg curveunladen weight 1770 mm
Unladen weightroad ready, fully fueled 249 kg
Dry weight231 kg
Permitted total weight445 kg
Payload (with standard equipment)196 kg
Usable tank volume16


BMW C600 Sport and C650 GT

Totalmotorcycle ---- "The new C 600 Sport is perfect for anyone who is looking for an intelligent mobility solution combined with BMW Motorrad riding experience."

Ridermegazine ---- "The four-valve, DOHC, fuel-injected, counterbalanced engine is laid down nearly flat to keep the center of gravity low. "

Ultimatemotorcycle ---- "It’s hard to see why the 2012 BMW C 600 Sport shouldn’t take the benchmark spot after this. The Sport is the C 650 GT’s sportier brother stripped of the luxury comfort items and with different fairing and ergonomics."

Motorcycle ---- "BMW is hitting the scooter segment hard and heavy with the all-new C 650 GT luxury scooter and the C 600 Sport maxi sportster that will change the way you think about scooters."

Bikez ---- "Cities and the associated environment are continuing to grow sharply. By 2050, 55% of the world’s population will be living in cities; in Germany the figure will be as high as 75%. The key term here is “megacity”. A crucial task will be the development of future mobility in megacities in terms of traffic density, energy, consumption, mobility and lifestyle."

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