2012 BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

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After BMW revealed its Concept 6 study in 2009, has managed to attract a lot of interest for its new 6-cylinder in line engine. The same engine is now used by the new K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL models which are offered for the first time with a 6-cylinder in-line power unit developed in-house.

The engine delivers a peak torque of 431-lb.-dry and 180 hp. These impressive power figures are combined with traction control and ABS which further increase performance.

The new 6-cylinder touring bikes also benefit from the innovative Electronic Suspension Adjustment II (ESA II), which is offered as standard equipment. Thanks to this capable system you can control with a touch of a button the motorcycle’s electronically adaptation to rebound damping of the front and rear spring strut as well as the spring rest of the rear spring strut.

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BMW K 1600 GT Overview

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

Gran Turismo. Travel in big style. That means combining dynamic performance and comfort - and transforming distance into free space. BMW Motorrad’s vision was the essence of this philosophy - the pure sense of Gran Turismo. This vision has now taken shape in the new K 1600 GT.

The in-line 6-cylinder engines by BMW are legendary. A myth which has been realized once more in the K 1600 GT - but now more compactly than ever before. 1649 cc, 160 hp and a maximum torque of 129 ft-lb. Even the facts are impressive. But the riding experience is even more inspiring. The transversely installed power units delivers an extraordinary level of dynamic performance as well as refined running smoothness.

If the rider is in the mood for a show of sporty prowess, the engine willingly puts in a burst of speed even in the lower engine speed range, and it is in its element over high-speed stretches. Over 70% of the maximum torque is available from just 1500 rpm.

While the bike’s power reserves are huge, its dimensions are reduced. Weighing just under 227 lbs and with a width of 21.8" - never was a large-volume in-line 6-cylinder so compact. For outstanding handling and increased banking freedom. And a whole new touring bike feel.

For better visibility going into bends, the GT presents a world premiere for motorcycles: the optionally available adaptive headlight. It not only increases the exclusivity but also the active safety of the machine. Vision fulfilled.

BMW K 1600 GTL Overview

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

When luxury is freed of all ballast, it moves to a new level. At the very top of this evolution is the new K 1600 GTL – a high-class touring bike like none before it. With the most compact and efficient in-line 6-cylinder engine ever installed in a series production motorcycle.

The ergonomics of the K 1600 GTL are designed for long trips and leave nothing to be desired for either rider or pillion passenger in terms of comfort. The slim design in the area of the rider’s seat and the fact that the handlebars reach far back allows a relaxed seating position - for hours and over hundreds of miles. The pillion passenger enjoys a sizable seating area and a comfortable backrest.

Available for the first time in a motorcycle: the adaptive headlight (special equipment feature) - a revolution which matches the visionary front section of the K 1600 GTL and provides the very highest level of active safety.

The GTL makes luxury light-footed. This is because its unique chassis provides excellent handling. With a totally direct ride feel due to the ground-breaking Duolever front suspension. At the rear, it is the Paralever that put’s the power of the engine onto the road, The optional ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) ensures that the GTL always glides completely smoothly since the systems allows the damping and suspension to be adapted according to situation and preference at the press of a button.

Every detail is designed for maximum riding pleasure. A motorcycle for people who are looking for a new kind of supremacy. The K 1600 GTL. UNSTOPPABLE TOUR.

Press Release

Riding dynamics, long-distance suitability and comfort.

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

For decades, 6-cylinder in-line engines have exercised a special fascination. In addition to their perfect running smoothness they also offer supreme output and torque, giving the rider powerful emotional impressions.

In addition to safety, equipment and comfort, prestige and dynamic performance are the key criteria for a supreme touring bike. With the most compact in-line 6-cylinder engine in serial motorcycle production to date, the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL penetrate a whole new dimension in terms of riding properties, long-distance suitability and comfort. They combine maximum agility and riding dynamics with a luxurious overall package. With an engine output of 118 kW (160 bhp) and a maximum torque of 175 Newton metres (129 Lb. ft.), their 6-cylinder engine provides superb propulsion in all conditions.

Lightest and most compact serial production 6-cylinder in-line engine in a motorcycle > 1000 cc.

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

Previously, the in-line arrangement of six cylinders resulted in either very long or very wide constructions, depending on the installation position, which led to drawbacks in terms of chassis geometry, weight distribution and centre of gravity. This where the K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL break new ground.

Weighing 226 pounds, the engine is by far the lightest serially produced 6-cylinder in-line engine for motorcycles in the class > 1000 cc. What is more, the engine is significantly narrower in construction width than all other 6-cylinder in-line motorcycles in serial production to date. This extremely compact construction and reduced width was achieved in particular by means of a cylinder bore of 72 millimetres in conjunction with a spacing of just 5 millimetres between the cylinder the cylinder sleeves.

Both the low engine weight and the consistent lightweight construction of the vehicle as a whole contribute to the low weight of the vehicle. At 703 lbs. (K 1600 GT without panniers) and 767 lbs. (K 1600 GTL with panniers and topcase) the new touring bikes are in the lower range of the segment.


BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

The control of the central throttle valve with a diameter of 52 millimetres is effected via an e-gas, also known as a ride-by-wire system. The rider’s wishes are registered by means of a sensor in the accelerator twist grip. The engine control then adjusts the position of the throttle valve accordingly.

Chassis with ideal mass concentration for dynamic riding properties.

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

The essential chassis elements of the BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL are the light alloy bridge-type frame, and the Duolever and Paralever for wheel control at front and rear. Because of the special requirements of a touring bike with a 6-cylinder engine, particular attention was paid to balancing the masses.

All in all, the interplay of chassis and engine position, together with the seating position of the rider, not only makes for a low overall centre of gravity with a very favourable concentration of masses, it also provides an ideally balanced wheel load distribution for excellent riding properties. The combination of ride stability, riding dynamics and lightness of handling in all riding and load conditions sets a new benchmark in the touring bike segment.

Electronic Suspension Adjustment ESA II for optimum adaptation to all uses and load states.

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

The new 6-cylinder touring bikes also benefit from the innovative Electronic Suspension Adjustment II (ESA II), which is offered as a factory option.

With this system, globally unique on the motorcycle market, the rider can conveniently press a button to electronically adapt not only the rebound damping properties of the front and rear spring strut but also the spring rest ("spring preload") of the rear spring strut as well as the latter’s spring rate and therefore the "hardness" of the suspension. This makes for outstanding stability and impressive responsiveness in all load states.

The additional adaptation of the spring rate allows the damping settings "Sport, Normal, Comfort" to be spread widely in ESA II, giving them clearly perceptible characteristics during riding. So in "Sport" mode, the K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL are even more dynamic and precise and in "Comfort" mode they are more comfortable - while still retaining excellent stability.

An overview of highlights of the BMW K 1600 GT/ K 1600 GTL:

•Supreme in-line 6-cylinder engine with a high level of pulling power, especially in the lower and medium engine speed range.
•Engine output 118 kW (160 bhp) at 7,750rpm and maximum torque 175 Nm (129 Lb. ft.) at 5,250 rpm.
•Over 70 per cent of the maximum torque is already available from 1,500 rpm.
•The lightest and most compact 6-cylinder in-line engine in serial motorcycle production > 1000 cc weighing just 126 lbs. and measuring 555 mm in width.
•Consistent lightweight construction throughout the entire vehicle (magnesium front panel carrier, aluminum rear frame, crankshaft etc.).
•Three modes to choose from ("Rain", "Road", "Dynamic")
•High active safety due to standard BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part integral).
•Dynamic traction control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) for maximum safety when accelerating (optional extra).
•Chassis with Duolever and Paralever and ideal mass concentration for dynamic riding properties combined with optimum comfort.
•Electronic Suspension Adjustment ESA II for optimum adaptation to all uses and load states (optional extra).
•World premiere in a motorcycle: Adaptive Headlight (optional extra) for increased safety at night in conjunction with standard xenon headlamp and fibre optic rings.
•Integrated operating concept with Multi-Controller, TFT color display and menu guidance for the first time.
•Audio system with preparation for navigation device and controllable interface for iPod, MP3, USB, Bluetooth and satellite radio (USA and Canada only) (standard in the K 1600 GTL).
•Innovative design with outstanding wind and weather protection.
•K 1600 GT with active riding ergonomics for proactive touring.
•K 1600 GTL with a very comfortable, relaxed ergonomics set-up for long trips with pillion passenger as well as luxurious touring equipment.
•Central locking for storage compartments, panniers and topcase (optional extra).
•Extensive fittings and individually tailored accessories at the familiar high level of BMW Motorrad.


BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL


Engine TypeOil-/water cooled 4-stroke in-line 6-cylinder engine, two overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder
Bore x stroke72 mm x 67,5 mm
Capacity1.649 cc
Rated output160 hp (118 kW) at 7,750 rpm
Max. torque129 lb-ft (175 Nm) at 5,250 rpm
Compression ratio12,2 : 1
Mixture control / engine managementElectronic intake pipe injection, digital engine management (BMS-X)
Emission controlClosed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed Over 125 mph(200 km/h)
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h51 mpg, at a constant 55 mph.
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h60 mpg, at a constant 55 mphFuel typeUnleaded super.

Electrical system

BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL
Alternatorthree-phase alternator 580 W
Battery12 V / 19 Ah, maintenance-free

Power transmission

ClutchMultiple-disc clutch in oil bath
Gearbox6-speed, helical, gearbox

Chassis / brakes

FrameBridge-type frame, cast aluminum, load-bearing engine
Front wheel location / suspensionBMW Motorrad Duolever; central spring strut
Rear wheel location / suspensionBMW Motorrad Paralever
Suspension travel front / rear4.9"/5.3" (125mm /135 mm)
Wheelbase66.7 inches (1,680 mm)
Castor108.4 mm
Steering head angle62.2°
WheelsCast aluminum wheels
Rim, front3,50 x 17"
Rim, rear6.00 x 17"
Tyres, front120/70 ZR 17
Tyres, rear190/55 ZR 17
Brake, frontDual disc brake, diameter 320 mm, 4-piston fixed calipers
Brake, rearSingle disc brake, diameter 320 mm, double-piston caliper
ABSSeries: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part-integral)

Dimensions / weights

Length98.0" (2,489mm)
Width (incl. mirrors)39.4" (1,000 mm)
Height (excl. mirrors)57.5" (1,465 mm)
Seat height, unladen weight29.5" (750 mm), (high seat bench: 30.7" [780 mm])
Inner leg curveunladen weight

Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 1)|767 lbs (348 kg)|
|Dry weight 2)|708 lbs (321 kg)|
|Permitted total weight|1,235 lbs (560 kg)|
|Payload (with standard equipment)|467 lbs (212 kg)|
|Usable tank volume|7 gallons|
|Reserve|1 gallon|


BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL

Motorcycle About ---- "When BMW unveiled its K1600 GT and GTL, expectations ran high: would the six-cylinder Bavarian bikes dethrone the de facto champion of touring motorcycles, the Honda Gold Wing? "

Roadandtrack ---- "That’s pretty much over now. First came the all-conquering S 1000 RR superbike in 2010, a 431-lb.-dry, 180-rear-wheel-horsepower sporting motorcycle with traction control and ABS that absolutely crushed the established players from Japan and Europe."

Motorcycle-usa ---- "Set your eyes on the new K-bike and it’s quite clear this is a BMW. The round shape of the halo-style headlights and smooth sculpted lines of the bodywork are all textbook BMW design features. "

Ultimatemotorcycle ---- "Delivering more relaxed ergonomics and more creature comforts than the GT edition, the GTL weighs a bit more, is slightly slower in acceleration and gets about one fewer mile out of a gallon of fuel."

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