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Meet the 2014 BMW HP4, a scary German machinery that wears a High Performace badge. The motorcycle was derived from the S 1000 RR so it is powered by the lightest 4-cylinder engine in the segment.

The 999cc, water/oil-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, 4-stroke unit puts out a peak power of 193 Hp (142 KW) at 13,000 rpm and 83 Lb/Ft (112 Nm) at 9,750 rpm. All this power can propel you to a maximum speed of over 125 mph and is kept in leash by a constant mesh six speed gearbox.

The engine is mounted in the center of an aluminium composite bridge frame which sits on a front upside down telescopic fork with Dynamic Damping Control DDC, Adjustable Spring Preload and Electronically Adjustable Damping. Out back there is an aluminium dual swing arm with dynamic damping control DDC (central spring strut), hydraulically adjustable spring preload, adjustable compression and rebound damping.

The 2014 BMW HP4 is offered with a base price of $20,835.

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BMW presents its 2014 S 1000 RR - a true superbike with a racy DNA.

It is useless to say that the motorcycle comes with a comprehensive list of high tech features that were carefully developed to maximize its high speed performances.

Features such as radial brakes, ABS adjustable riding modes or traction control put the 2014 BMW S 1000 RR on top of the food chain.

Not to mention about the high tech aluminum bridge type frame that offers a perfect mix between light weight and rigidity maximizing the motorcycle’s handling abilities.

The frame is wrapped around a 999cc, water/oil-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine with four titanium valves per cylinder and two overhead camshafts. The unit puts out a maximum power of 193 Hp (142 KW) at 13.000 rpm while the peak torque is rated at 83 Lb/Ft (112 Nm) at 9.750 rpm.

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The BMW R 1200 R has received a series of modifications for 2014 and according to BMW’s press release it is no longer available in Sapphire black metallic and Magnesium beige metallic.

Apart from the color modifications, the 2014 model year has also received a few style improvements, new circular instruments, a new higher-quality fork, the new double-butted aluminum handlebars, beautiful new cast wheels and a chrome exhaust manifold. Other features that are worthy of being mentioned include ABS, ASC, tire pressure monitoring, ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), case holders and a windshield.

At the heart of the 2014 BMW R 1200 R lies a DOHC flat-twin engine that features two overhead camshafts and four radially arranged valves. The engine’s output is rated at 81 kW (110 bhp), while the maximum torque is no less than 119 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

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BMW has launched a tasty special edition of its R1200R roadster. Unfortunately there aren’t any modifications in the technical department, so most of the changes aimed the bike’s appearance.

The new model is called the “DarkWhite” and features a unique, minimalist paint job that despite its simplicity helps it stand out from the crowd.

The classy paint scheme used for the R1200R “DarkWhite” gives the entire bike a pretty sophisticated appearance without taming its aggressive character.

We especially like how BMW designers have found the perfect balance between light and dark colors. The high impact contrast between the bodywork, drivetrain and wheels proves us once more that you don’t need to go over the top with color combinations to obtain a special appearance.

The frame received an asphalt grey finish, while the swingarm, rear axle housing and triangular wishbone were left in matt black. The black anodised fork tubes and the sports windshield add the finishing touch.

The BMW R1200R “DarkWhite” will be available from 1st October with a price of €13,000.

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BMW has revealed the complete specifications of its new C Evolution scooter. The new scooter is fully electric and features selectable regenerative braking, Torque Control Assistant (to limit power under acceleration if wheel slip is detected), a large TFT display and daytime LED running lights.

Power comes from a drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor via a toothed belt and ring gearing. The motor delivers 11 kW (15 hp), with a peak output of 35 kW (47 hp) which is more than enough to propel the scooter to a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph, electronically limited).

The motor is linked to an 8 kWh capacity air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery that delivers enough power to give you a riding range of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles). The battery can be fuly charged charged in around 4 hours using any standard 220V domestic socket with a 12A charge current.

Price and availability have not yet been announced.

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Most of the vehicle manufacturers are trying to keep it up with the latest technologies in the business and are constantly trying to develop new ways to make their products more efficient, comfortable and practical.

As the oil crisis is getting worse with every year that passes, the big manufacturers are looking for a viable replacement for the classic combustion engines and at the moment, the most promising technology is considered to be the one based on electric power.

BMW is aware of the potential that stays behind this type of technology and has already started to develop electric vehicles. After presenting the C evolution concept a while ago, the company is now ready with the production version and has officially announced that it will present its new model at the IAA Car Show in Frankfurt, 10 September 2013.

The new electric scooter will be based on the same technology used by the innovative BMW i3, so as far as performances are concerned we’ll certainly be pleasantly surprised.

The new scooter will be built on the same platform as the company’s C-series, so technically, it will be an electric maxi scooter that will provide plenty of space for the rider as well as a generous storage volume.

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Wunderlich is one of the most trusted aftermarket parts manufacturers for BMW motorcycles. The company has earned a pretty good reputation among BMW’s riders and there is no wonder why as its products are reliable, practical and easy to mount on the stock models.

The latest product designed by the German company is a tasty windscreen named the Ergo Marathon. The new windscreen has a modern design and was especially developed for the BMW R1200GS. The company promises that its special windscreen will improve the motorcycle’s aerodynamic abilities and the rider’s comfort during long journeys. There is also available an additional support bracket which eliminates the vibrations produced while riding on tough terrains.

The Ergo Marathon windscreen is made of petrol-resistant Lexan plastic and is offered in two versions - clear or smoke-tinted. Needless to say, that the Ergo Marathon windscreen can be mounted very easy on the bike and doesn’t require any modification whatsoever.

The Wunderlich Ergo Marathon for the BMW 1200GS is offered with a MSRP of $309.

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Touratech is already known for its wide range of aftermarket accessories, so its new products comes as no surprise. We are talking about its new Zega Pro Aluminium Panniers that were especially developed for the 2013 BMW R1200GS.

Needless to say that the panniers were designed with practicality in mind and come together with model specific racks so they can be easily installed on the motorcycle.

The Zega Pro Aluminium Panniers are made of 1.5mm thick aluminium sheets with a reinforced structure, and are offered in three volumes namely 21, 38 and 45 liters. You can also choose from three colors including bare aluminium, anodized black or anodized silver.

The panniers were carefully designed to withstand the toughest punishments and are the perfect solution if you want to some extra storage place. Thanks to their tough construction they can be used both on- and off-road.

The Touratech Shows Zega Pro Aluminium Panniers offered for the 2013 BMW R1200GS are priced between $1342 - $1538.

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BMW’s motorcycles are certainly fast, but San Diego BMW Motorcycles wanted to see exactly how high they can raise the bar. Therefore, helped by Shane Kinderis, owner of Alpine Performance in Australia, they’ve tweaked the motorcycle’s water-cooled, 4-stroke in-line, four-cylinder-engine to make it crank out 220 hp (the stock unit delivers a maximum output of 193 hp). Besides the pumped up engine, the motorcycle has also received a new fairing for improved aerodynamics created by Mike Verdugo of Catalyst Composites in Escondido, CA.

After all the modifications were finished, the motorcycle was left on the hands of Erin Hunter and Andy Sills of Hunter Sills Racing, two high speed riders with a huge experience in Landspeed Racing competitions.

The modified BMW S 1000 RR was unleashed on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah and has managed to hit a maximum speed of 224,190 miles per hour on Friday, August 16 2013, thus becoming the fastest motorcycle in BMW’s history.

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BMW and Dainese have recently announced that they will work together to develop a new motorcycle suit with integrated airbags named the D-Air. The companies didn’t release too many details about their project but we found an interesting video that shows their suit in action.

We also know that the new suits will be available for both race track and street riders and promise to enhance the rider’s safety during harsh accidents.

Dainese said that its new airbags system integrated into the suit is able to deploy in only 45 ms. To prove this fact the company has released an official video from ADAC where we can see their innovative suit in action.

The idea of a motorcycle suit with integrated airbags is not new, as a similar product signed by Alpinestars is already being used in races.

Though Dainese’s model promises to be more efficient and safe than the one built by their rivals, but until we don’t see the end result we can’t give any certain verdict on the matter.

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