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BMW has revealed its new Concept Ninety – a unique concept born from BMW’s collaboration with the Californian custom builder Roland Sands.

The new BMW Concept Ninety was created to celebrate 90 years since BMW started to build motorcycles and 40 years since the original R90S was created.

The new model combines the old school design of the R90S with modern technologies offering an interesting merge between past and present.

As far as style is concerned, the BMW Concept Ninety features a pared back style combined with a classic fairing borrowed from the old 1973 R90S. The Concept Ninenty’s fuel tank is pretty similar with the one form its ancestor while the seat and fenders have also some similarities with the ones form the old model.

However, underneath this old school skin you’ll find a lot of modern technologies such as LED lights and a strong air-cooled flat-twin boxer engine that puts out 110 hp.

For the moment the motorcycle was presented only in concept form and BMW didn’t say anything about the possibility to launch it into production.

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The 2012 model Husqvarna TE250 is fitted with a single cylinder, twin cam, 4 valve titanium engine. The engine weighs only 22 kg which makes it the lightest unit in its class. Among the most important features offered by the engine we note the Mikuni fuel injection that feeds the cylinder head through a 42 mm throttle body, double mapping and the electric starting backed up by the classic kickstarter.

The 2012 model comes with a completely redesigned exhaust system, which further improves the engine’s performance.

Power is sent to the rear wheel through a 6 speed gearbox which is paired with a hydraulically controlled clutch.

The 2013 Husqvarna TE250 rides on 48 mm forks and a new rear Kayaba monoshock which is externally adjustable for low/high speeds in compression and rebound. The setting of the fork has been completely redesigned to match the new shock, with new springs and internal settings.

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In its 108 years of history Husqvarna proved us countless times that is able to construct strong motorcycles that have the potential to win races and to receive many prizes. Husqvarna won its first world championship in the class up to 250 cc in 1959, collecting the same title in the 500 cc category just two years later. Ongoing success in racing made Husqvarna a sought-after brand with increasing sales figures not just in Europe but also in the USA.

Since then, the company’s success skyrocked and today sits proud among the most appreciated brands of its type.

The 2012 WR250 is one the newest Husqvarna bikes powered by a 250 cc engine. The motorcycle benefits from the same styling updates common to the 2012 range: chassis painted black, anodised silver Excel hubs and redesigned graphics. There aren’t any significant technical upgrades worthy of being noted.

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There is hardly any other motorcycle brand able to boast a 108-year tradition of motorcycle production and racing like that of Husqvarna. The first Husqvarna motorcycles were built in 1903, with victory coming just 13 years later in 1916 at one of best known enduro races of the time, the Novemberkåsan. This laid the foundation for a success story which remains unparalleled to this day.

While the thirties also saw victories in road racing, too, it was after the Second World War that Husqvarna achieved a major breakthrough in off-road racing. In the early fifties, the company not only focussed on developing and manufacturing innovative, competitive and reliable motorcycles but also made a clear commitment to its involvement in the areas of motocross and enduro racing. Husqvarna won its first world championship in the class up to 250 cc in 1959, collecting the same title in the 500 cc category just two years later.

Ongoing success in racing made Husqvarna a sought-after brand with increasing sales figures not just in Europe but also in the USA. The enormous popularity of Husqvarna was enhanced by famous riders such as Mikkola, Aberg and Hallman, but there was one outstanding celebrity fan: American actor Steve McQueen. McQueen was not just an enthusiastic motorcyclist and motor racing fan, he also achieved success himself on the race track on both two and four wheels. Among other things he entered the Six Days in 1964. The title photo of the US magazine "Sports Illustrated" dated August 23rd 1971 showing a bare-topped Steve McQueen doing a jump on a Husqvarna 400 Motocross remains legendary to this day. The McQueen-Husqvarna combination eventually became the idol of a whole generation of off-road fans.

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The 2012 WR300 is the largest engine capacity 2-stroke model in the Husqvarna range. Despite its strong nature, the engine rewards you with a linear power delivery which makes it easy to ride on any road conditions.

The engine is based on the crankcase of the WR250, which houses a larger bore cylinder (72 mm, giving an engine capacity of 293.1 cc). Perhaps it goes without saying that all components are top of the range including Ducati Energy digital ignition, Mikuni TMX38 carburettor and V-Force reed valve.

The engine is paired with a similarly capable five speed gearbox which offers smooth shifts and is pretty efficient.

The front suspension consists of a Kayaba 48mm open-cartridge fork with fully-adjustable compression and rebound damping, while out back, there is a Sachs single shock with remote reservoir, adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping.

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BMW revealed the 2013 versions of its C600 Sport and C 650 GT scooters. The maxi scooters represent a good alternative for those who want an efficient way of urban transportation.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the scooters come with the famous BMW technologies and reliability and offer excellent handling and performance. Power comes from a compact 2-Cylinder 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine with 4 valves per cylinder which offers a maximum speed of 174 kmph and is paired with a CVT transmission.

The scooters are not only fast but they are also good looking. Their sporty windshield is ready to protect you from the elements, while the attractive fairing helps you get noticed every time you’re passing down the street.

The sporty look of the scooters is also enhanced by the circular headlights with two side lights on the left and right, and the LED rear light cluster with single turn indicators.

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After BMW revealed its Concept 6 study in 2009, has managed to attract a lot of interest for its new 6-cylinder in line engine. The same engine is now used by the new K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL models which are offered for the first time with a 6-cylinder in-line power unit developed in-house.

The engine delivers a peak torque of 431-lb.-dry and 180 hp. These impressive power figures are combined with traction control and ABS which further increase performance.

The new 6-cylinder touring bikes also benefit from the innovative Electronic Suspension Adjustment II (ESA II), which is offered as standard equipment. Thanks to this capable system you can control with a touch of a button the motorcycle’s electronically adaptation to rebound damping of the front and rear spring strut as well as the spring rest of the rear spring strut.

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The BMW RT is around for 30 years now and this 2 cylinder model still continues to reward its riders with first class performances. During its long life span the model has received constant upgrades and today is packed with the latest technologies.

The motorcycle offers excellent wind and weather protection, optimum ergonomics and features a top-class chassis fitted with unique optional extras such as ASC and ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). The bike sports a new audio system available as an optional extra, with the innovative operating concept Multi-Controller carrying out virtually all commands from a single unit.

At the heart of the BMW R 1200 RT lies a modern air/oil-cooled flat twin (’Boxer’) 4-stroke engine, which puts out a maximum torque of 88 ft-lb at 6000 rpm and 110 hp.

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In the latest years scooters have become more popular than ever so there is no wonder why BMW decided to enter into this segment.

One of the newest addition in BMW’s scooters lineup is the 2013 C 650 GT Maxi-Scooter which is powered by a 44 kW (60 hp) engine. The scooter was designed to be as comfortable as possible and is aimed at those who are searching for an efficient and fast way of urban transportation. Talking about efficiency, the BMW C 650 GT has a fuel consumption of 5.6 l calculated at a constant speed of 75 mph.

The 2013 BMW C650 GT is packed with a wide range of features among which you’ll find a parking brake integrated in the side stand, electrically adjustable windshield, ABS brakes and central locking. The motorcycle sits on front 120/70 ZR 15 and rear 160/60 ZR 15 tires.

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The BMW K 1600 has everything it needs to be considered a practical and reliable gran turismo. The motorcycle offers a perfect mix between performance and comfort, and is powered by a new, compact 1649 cc engine, which cranks out a maximum torque of 175 Nm and 165 hp. The engine is one of the most capable units in its class and over 70% of the maximum torque is available from just 1500 rpm. Thanks to its capable power-plant the motorcycle is able to reach a top speed of over 125 mph, while the fuel consumption is rated at 52 mpg at a constant speed of 56 mph.

The motorcycle sits on 17 inch wheels wrapped in 120/70 ZR 17 front and 190/55 ZR 17 rear tires. The wheels are equipped with front 320 mm dual disc brakes paired with 4-piston fixed calipers and rear 320 mm discs with double-piston calipers.

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