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German automaker BMW is one of the most diverse brands in the industry, having branched itself out past its cars division into other ventures, particularly motorcycles .

At the company’s recent Motorrad Innovation Day 2011, the German brand unveiled their latest two-wheeled concept machine, the electric drive E-Scooter.

Featuring a design that lends itself to the lack of a main frame, the E-Scooter comes with an aluminum battery casing that is connected to the steering head support, the rear frame, and the left-hand mounted single swing arm, which is directly hinged to a horizontally installed shock absorber. The charging device of the E-Scooter comes with a charge cable that allows the bike’s battery to be recharged in a painless manner - any household power socket will suffice.

The electric drivetrain of the E-Scooter allows it to reduce its range by somewhere around 10 - 20 percent depending on the bike’s profile.

The E-Scooter’s performance numbers have yet to be announced, but BMW is pegging the bike to produce an output that ’s right around the range of maxi scooters that are currently powered by a 600-cc combustion engine with a driving range of well over 60 miles.

For a scooter that boasts of an electric drivetrain, that’s a mighty impressive number given that it compares favorably to its fuel counterparts.

BMW has unveiled today the new K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL. motorcycles that come with a supreme, impressive and equally distinctive appearance, creating a desire to travel at first sight.

The two models are powered by a new 6-cylinder in-line engine that develops a total of 160 HP and a maximum torque of 175 NM. The rider of the K 1600 models has three different engine characteristics directly available at the press of a button at the right-hand end of the handlebars so as to be able to adapt to different uses such as touring on the road, riding on wet surfaces and sporty, dynamic motorcycling - the modes "Rain", "Road" and "Dynamic".

The K 1600 GT is has a very extensive range of standard features ex works consisting of xenon headlamps, heated grips and seat, cruise control and on-board computer. In the K 1600 GT, the body colours of Light Grey metallic and Vermilion Red metallic create a fascinating contrast with the frame and wheels in Ostra Grey and the engine in Platinum metallic matte.

UPDATE 02/15/2011: Prices for the BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL have finally been released. The K 1600 GT is priced at $20,900, while the K 1600 GTL will have a base price of $23,200. If you want to further customize your bike, then you can also opt for the Standard Package. This package is only offered on the K 1600 GT and is priced at $23,045. Further customization can be found on the Premium Package which is available on both models and priced at $24,540 for the K 1600 GT and $25,845 for the K 1600 GTL.

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The poison used by Brazilian Indians on their arrow tips was the inspiration behind Wunderlich’s new "Poisoned Arrow", the S 1000 RR in its legendary racing colours, which comes equipped with a whole array of special components.

An absolute visual treat, boasting technical and ergonomic improvements, with significant weight reductions and well suited to long distance riding. The “Power Sportego” handlebar conversion offers a relaxed riding posture and greater ease of handling. The top yoke, weighing in at a mere 1800 g, machined out of high-tensile aluminium, TÜV certified and ideally suited for use with our strong, tapered aluminium handlebars, has a built-in connection for the brake line, thus ruling out any need for elaborate and costly conversion measures.

The easy-to-fit fairing extension and matching “DoubleBubble” sports screen give rise to optimised air flow deflection over a wider area and improved aerodynamic properties.

BMW has revealed the new Concept C today at the EICMA Show in Milan. The Concept C is BMW’s vision of the big scooter with the C in the name standing for "commuter." We’re all getting a little crowded nowadays with the number of people going to and from their homes, jobs, etc., and this concept is BMW’s response to that increasing traffic situation. They say the Concept C represents "the prospect of an innovative, sporty big scooter for the future premium segment."

The new Concept C presents the so-called “split face”, a visual tripartite of dynamic response extending from the front silhouette to the front wheel cover and beyond. In the style of highly sporty BMW Motorrad models, such as the S 1000 RR , Concept C also features a twin-tipped front spoiler.

Also, the Concept C features a highly complex monolever mechanism with hollowed-out shaft connected to a suspension strut visible from the outside. In this study, front-wheel control takes the form of an upside down fork. The stable twin disc brake at the front features two radial brake calipers that also underscore the dynamic sportiness of Concept C. In addition, the single disc brake at the rear and the BMW Motorrad ABS provide the maximum possible safety during braking maneuvers.

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The second model to be displayed by BMW Motorrad at EICMA Show is R1200 R, in both standard and Classic versions. Both combine a modern sporty and accentuated classical motorcycle design, once again with considerably greater quality and driving dynamics for even more riding fun.

The new R 1200 R is powered by a 1170 cc engine that delivers 110 HP at 7750 rpm and a peak torque of 119 NM at 6000 rpm. The new bike will be offered in three exterior colors: mat metallic smoky gray, metallic light gray, or metallic red apple.

Both the R 1200 R and the R 1200 R Classic can be fitted optionally with electronic suspension adjustment ESA. This serves to vary the spring base and the suspension’s pressure and rebound stages at the rear wheel, and the suspension’s rebound stage at the front wheel – a system that has established itself as the solution for optimized road handling and comfort.

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BMW Motorrad has just revealed the new G 650 GS, a new single-cylinder enduro that adds a cheeky, light, and adventurous figure. The G650 GS is powered by a 652 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a double overhead camshafts engine that develops 48 HP at 6500 rpm and 60 Nm at 5000 rpm. BMW is also offering a detuned version that develops only 34 HP at 6500 rpm and 47 Nm at 4500 rpm.

The body of the new G 650 GS was completely redesigned. The front section, in particular, makes the single-cylinder enduro light, sporty, and dynamic. The asymmetrical headlamp and the self steering front wheel cover give the G 650 GS its look of absolute independence.

A clear design of lines, the targeted use of colored areas and all black plastic parts uphold the visual impression of a robust enduro outfit. The overall impression of sportiness is boosted further by the engine, exhaust covers, frame, swinging arm, and slide tubes, which are all black, contrasting with the plain colors of aura white and orange-red as well as the matching two-tone seats.

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Prepare to skip meals and lose sleep because BMW Motorcycle Magazine, a new website and US-based publisher, has come out with a new and exciting way to spend your spare time. They’ve recently launched a free Beemer Trivia App available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Apparently, while preparing to expand its issues to four per year, BMW MM needed to find a way to create a little downtime.

This boredom killer application is a trivia game designed by and for the BMW Motorcycle fans. Test your BMW motorcycle knowledge and learn something new while playing this multiple-choice quiz game. According to Sandy Cohen, the editor of BMW Motorcycle Magazine, “BMW riders appreciate the latest in technology, and this new app is a fun way to learn about their favorite brand of motorcycle”.

The Beemer Trivia App is an exciting quiz where players can test their Beemer knowledge with the application’s extensive collection of trivia. Players will definitely learn sufficient details regarding BMW Motorcycles as they play this game, and they can even challenge their friends with its online leader board (optional). You can also submit your own Beemer Trivia through this application. Plus, to make it more exciting, a bonus feature was created: For a limited time, if a player reaches 2500 miles, he will be able to unlock a promo code allowing him to have a discounted BMW Motorcycle Magazine subscription.

This new Beemer Trivia app is definitely a great way to spice up your day. For game lovers and BMW die-hard fans, this app will enhance your BMW riding experience by learning more of the features and history behind your favorite motorcycle brand. Go ahead, show the world what you know. You know you want to.

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As avid lovers of motorcycles, we have great expectations when it comes to our bike’s performance and design. We aim for a two-wheeled vehicle that can perform at its best, have outstanding features, and a mesmerizing appearance. These expectations in our bikes are what cause us to be grateful for BMW Motorrad who are here to produce the best motorcycles ever built. For several decades, Motorrad had been serving the motorcycle industry by producing highly-designed motorbikes thereby committing them to creating bikes that are near perfect.

This year, BMW Motorrad surprised the local market by launching their newest sportbike, the BMW R1200 GS. The R1200 GS is a versatile motorbike that can be treated as a touring-oriented naked motorcycle or a classic sport bike. The term ’GS’, as defined by BMW Motorrad, is an output of their bikes’ high-quality performance. According to Motorrad, The ’GS’ is not just able to handle everything, it is actually built to do so; it’s the result of independent tests worldwide. Their GS series of R1200 is a combination of easy handling, great touring features, off-road potential, and comfort for rider and pillion passenger.

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Two BMW Motorrad riders delighted the audience with their extraordinary performances during the 4th round of the 2010 French Superbike Championship held at Le Mans in the south of France. The two astonishing S1000RR riders, Erwan Nigon and Sébastien Gimbert, proudly won first and second place on the said match, allowing one of the BMW riders to be eligible for the champion title at the final round in Albi at the end of the month.

Thanks to their successful battle at the opening of the French Superbike Championship, the BMW Motorrad team is still in the race garnering fantastic double victories with very high scores. These results allowed the two BMW riders to receive the first two places after the 4th round.

Qualifying for the 1st and 2nd place positions over a line of motorcycle riders from Ducati , Kawasaki , Suzuki , Yamaha , and Honda , the two BMW France teammates were both fired up for the first 15-lap Superbike race of the day.

The start of the race was the #7 RR rider, Erwan Nigon’s shining moment as he raced out just in front of his teammate Gimbert. The second lap left Kenny Foray crashing out of contention leaving the two BMW riders to compete for the win against Kawasaki rider, Julien Da Costa. After a series of 3 laps, Sébastien Gimbert passed Nigon and took the lead. At that moment, Gimbert was unstoppable. He achieved his first double victory of 2010 by over four seconds, while teammate Nigon finished in second place. These podium finishes left Gimbert with 239 points and Nigon with 250.

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BMW UK announced today two new special editions: the F 800 ST Touring and K 1300 R Dynamic. Both models are now available to order.

The F 800 ST Touring comes with ABS, key-matched, expandable Sport Panniers (15L-25L capacity each side), On-board Computer, heated grips, main center stand, £1658 worth of official BMW options and accessories. It is priced at £8510 - a saving of £458 over standard model.

The K 1300 R Dynamic features: electronic suspension adjustment 2, gear shift assist, sports wheels, on-board computer, heated grips,sport windshield and LED indicators. It is priced at £11,250 - a saving of £835. Both models will be offered in new exterior colors for 2011: Sapphire Black Metallic, Light Grey, Sapphire Black, Granite Grey Metallic, Acid Green metallic and Black silk gloss.

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