Buell motorcycles

A premium performance motorcycle, the Firebolt XB12R is powered by a 1203cc Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin engine that revs to 6,800 rpm with pounding out 103 peak horsepower and 84 ft. lbs. of torque, delivered in a powerband so broad that serious thrust is always on tap.

This is Lightning in its purest form. The Thunderstorm 1203 V-Twin engine pounds out 84 ft. lbs. of torque, a mountain of power made more tractable by the Buell InterActive Exhaust. The short, 52-inch wheelbase gives the XB12S the reflexes of a tailback. A coarse-texture seat and athletic riding position offer outstanding control.

The Buell Blast is a motorcycle any rider will enjoy. This lightweight single inspires confidence in beginners, yet offers enough power and refined agility to satisfy the performance expectations of the most experienced motorcyclist. Easy to own and maintain - and easy on fuel at 68 miles per gallon - the Buell Blast is a fun and economical way to get around town or down the highway.

The Buell Ulysses is an Adventure Sportbike of almost unlimited versatility. Its broad, V-Twin powerband and rigid chassis make it a capable performer on urban streets and winding backloads. Comfortable, upright ergonomics, a roomy cockpit, and a wide seat provide all-day comfort for rider and passenger. Available hard-shell sidecases and top case transform Ulysses into a long-range touring mount, ready to roll from Interstate to back road to fire road and anywhere in between.

A metro-middleweight, the Lightning CityX XB9SX is the perfect tool for the rider who needs to slice through congested traffic, blast away from green lights, dodge construction zones and occasionally bump a curb. The tall Skyline seat helps the rider see over traffic.

The expanded ergonomics of the Lightning Long XB12Ss make it better suited to taller riders. The wheelbase is stretched two inches, to 54 inches, thanks to an extended swingarm. The seat is taller and wider than that of the XB12S, and the expanded tail section offers more room for a passenger. There’s also a larger under-seat storage compartment.

2006 Lightning XB12S Overview The original Lightning XB12S takes the Buell Street fighter to the edge. The Thunderstorm 1203 V-Twin engine delivers a well-rounded portion of torque, thanks to the Buell InterActive Exhaust, a valve in the dual-chamber muffler controlled by the ECM that adjusts exhaust flow according to riding conditions to optimize engine power. A coarse-texture seat and athletic riding position offer outstanding control. A new, stiffer swingarm and smooth-shifting (...)
2006 Lightning(r) XB12S Overview The new Lightning XB12Scg offers uncompromised streetfighter performance with a lower seat height. Altered front and rear suspension and a reshaped seat lower the center of gravity and reduce seat height to 28.6 inches - 1.75 inches lower than the standard XB12S. Thrust comes courtesy of a Thunderstorm 1203 V-Twin with Buell InterActive Exhaust and a new, smoother-shifting transmission. Available in Midnight Black or with a new Valencia Orange Translucid (...)
2006 Firebolt(r) XB12R Overview The synthesis of brute power and track-tuned agility, the Firebolt XB12R puts 103 horsepower and 84 f t. lbs. of torque in its rider’s hand. The Buell InterActive Exhaust system utilizes a valve in the dual- chamber muf fler that is controlled by the ECM and adjusts exhaust flow according to riding conditions to smooth torque delivery and optimize engine power. It is available in Midnight Black, Racing Red or Thrust Blue with stunning Translucent Amber wheels (...)
2006 Firebolt(r) XB9R Overview The Buell Firebolt XB9R is a frisky middleweight ready to eat up the road. The quick-revving Thunderstorm 984 V-Twin delivers 92 horsepower and 70 ft. lbs. of torque in a smooth, broad power- band for a powerful drive out of the turns. It is available in Sunfire Yellow with Sky White wheels and a Fluid Silver frame. Buell Firebolt XB9R features: Buell Thunderstorm 984 fuel-injected air/oil/fan-cooled V-Twin engine 92 peak hp, 70 ft. lbs. peak (...)

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