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Meet the all new Erick Buell 1190SX which represents the company’s weapon for attacking the naked sport segment.

Featuring a sleek, aerodynamic style, the new Erick Buell 1190SX was fully revealed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (check the video).

There is no secret that the new Erick Buell 1190SX is based on the 1190RX super sport, featuring a naked configuration and a slightly modified engine which is easier to be kept in leash.

Even if the company has taken the wraps off its new model, the technical details are still limited and we can only guess the output of the bike’s detuned engine which should be somewhere around 160-170 hp. The torque should be also less strong than the 138 Nm offered by the SX and should reach its peak lower than the 8200 rpm mark.

From what we can see in the video, the new 1190 RX will keep the same permiter brakes, aluminum trellis rear subframe and silencer as its sibling.

As far as differences are concerned, the RX comes without the front brake air intakes found at its brother and there are also new wheels, a new handlebar and a fresh headlight.

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Erick Buell Racing (EBR) is back on track and after they revealed their stunning 1190 RX sport bike, the company has come back with a second model.

Unfortunately, for the moment, EBR didn’t reveal any specification for its new bike and all we have is a high resolution photo and a name.

Named the 1190 SX, the newcomer seems to be the naked version of the RX. Featuring an aggressive style, with sharp lines, edgy fenders and a modern headlight, the new 1190 SX seems to have all it needs to be a success.

Most likely, the SX will be propelled by the same engine as the RX, namely a 1190 cc, 72° V-twin, liquid cooled, four-stroke unit that puts out up to 101.6 ft-lbs. (137.8 Nm) of torque at 8200 rpm and 185 hp at 10,600 rpm.

Among the features offered by the new SX we could expect to find an aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir, an aluminum swingarm, front and rear disc brakes and Showa suspensions.

We don’t have any info about the price either, but don’t expect to be a huge difference compared to the 1190 RX which at the moment is priced at $18,995.

More details including official prices, specification and when it will be available in dealers will be provided in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more details.

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Meet the 2013 EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition. What makes this exotic motorcycle really special is its extra low weight which is rated at only 389 Lbs (176 Kg). To achieve this performance the motorcycle was built using a lot of lightweight materials such as carbon and magnesium components. You also get verious high end parts signed by famous manufacturers such as AIM, Carillo, CP, Del West, Ohlins or Suter.

The motorcycle’s center piece is a liquid cooled V Twin engine with a displacement of 1190 cc. The engine rewards you with a maximum output of 175 Hp at 9750 Rpm and 97 Ft-Lbs at 9400 Rpm. All this power is sent to the ground through a six speed transmission with wet multi-plate, slipper clutch. The engine is fed by a 4.5 gallons fuel tank.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the 2013 EBR 119RS Carbon Edition rides on sporty 120/70R- 17 front and 190/55R-17 rear tires.

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EBR has fully revealed its all new 1190RX. The motorcycle has all it needs to be considered an impressive super sport model as it is fitted with the latest technologies in the business.

Talking about the new EBR 1190RX, Erik Buell declared: “This is the culmination of decades of dedication, innovation and teamwork. We have been working to create a pure rider’s machine and a true world brand.”

The motorcycle weighs only 419 lbs and is built around a 72° V-Twin, liquid cooled, four-stroke engine with a displacement of 72.6 Cu In. (1190cc). Fire up the unit and it will reward you with a maximum power of 185 hp at 10.600 rpm and 137.8 Nm of torque at 8200 rpm.

The motorcycle’s backbone is represented by an aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir which is paired with an aluminum swingarm.

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Erick Buell was once a bigwig at Harley Davidson , having served the role of head engineer and designer of Buell Motorcycles . But when Harley decided to part ways with the sub-brand, Buell likewise left as well, opting to run his namesake brand on his own.

For those wondering how Buell would fare without the financial muscle of Harley Davidson behind him, those questions have been answered with the launch of the company’s new superbike, the unconscionably gorgeous 1190RS.

Defying all the naysayers that said that it couldn’t be done, the 1190RS is a living testament not only to Buell’s fortitude, but also the fact that the company could produce a stunning and technologically advanced superbike on their own. The 1190RS was designed while drawing inspiration from their other previous work - the 1125R - except that the former clearly stands on its own as a superbike serving notice. The frame casting of the bike is all-new while the airbox on the bike is twice the size of the previous version. Other important elements of the bike, including the wheels, suspension, brakes, body, structural components, and controls are all new and stand-alone from anything else Buell Racing has produced in the past.

More details on the Buell Racing 1190RS SUperbike after the jump.

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The English Brighton Marina played host to an array of bikers from around the country, but one stood out of crowd – big time!

As we’re led to believe, the Brightonia Motorcycle Festival is a well-frequented gathering of all on two, and even three wheels. The 2010 installment didn’t disappoint with hundreds of custom bikes, trikes, and choppers turning up to take part in the ceremonious burning of rubber while wearing as much leather as possible – obviously. The selection was vast, covering everything from Harleys and Buells to the wicked Jap high-revving superbikes and even modded Vespas (seriously)! The earlier-mentioned chopper that stood out of the crowd was this highly customized creation, featuring bone handlebars, a skull for a headlight – all in shiny chrome. We wonder whether the owner chromed the bits because they’re actual human body parts which he wanted to keep under wraps, or if his intentions were purely aesthetic. Or maybe he is the elusive “Bone Daddy” serial killer hiding in plain view, eh? Either way the Ghost Rider with chains and flaming skull have nothing on this guy!

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Eric Buell Racing is back in the saddle again. A couple of days ago, EBR released it’s first ever teaser image announcing their newest street-legal bike, the EBR 1190RS. This image was made to pave the way for the production of the street-legal sportbike in 2011.

The new motorbike is probably the first Buell streetbike that was produced since Harley-Davidson shut down the Buell Brand last year. Limited details were announced during the bike’s public introduction, but we did learn that the EBR 1190RS was based off the 1190RR race bike. Its most obvious similarity is that it will utilize a 1190cc V-Twin engine with 185 hp and 93 ft-lb. of torque. This was a shock in itself as no one was expecting that Erik Buell was planning a street bike based on the 1190RR. The bike is expected to weigh 161kg/355lbs (dry) which will help it become a strong competitor against its rival, the Ducati 1198 which weighs 377lbs/171kg (dry) and produces 170bhp.

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The tricked out Buell 1125R prototype by Magpul Ronin seems to have generated positive feedback in such a measure that Magpul went further on and refined it with the limited production goal in mind.

The main features setting the Magpul Ronin apart from a standard Buell 1125R are designed in-house and consist in girder front suspension, linkage fork with Penske coil-over monoshock, and front mounted radiator, all contouring a different approach towards the streetfighter style and we happen to like it very much. See the full press release attached after the jump.

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Take a look at these photos of the 185rwhp Buell 1190RR race bike. They were taken right before the bike was shipped to a customer in Germany.

Although we’re aware that the machine will spend its life on race tracks, we can’t help but wonder how would a press release of the road legal bike have sounded? It looks to us like a pair of headlamps and mirrors sit in between it and street homologation as this project originally started life with plans to become a street-legal superbike before Buell was discontinued by the uninspired American giant.

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Although Buell doesn’t build bikes any more, their 1125R half-faired superbike remains a machine with great tuning potential and we’ve seen some good ones ever since HD decided to kill Buell last year, but none is as good as the Magpul Ronin Buell 1125R with girder suspension.

Looking at it, it’s easy to think this bike actually suffered no modifications whatsoever as the girder front end looks similar to the original frame and swingarm, but it completely changes the whole look of the bike. There’s actually much more to it than just the girder suspension, but little information is available and we hear we can’t really hope for a production version as this is pretty much a demonstration of power right here and not quite THE way to go big on the highly competitive market of custom motorcycles.

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