2006 Ducati Monster S2R 1000


The new Monster S2R 1000 is a blend of sport and character: the power of the Dual Spark engine combines with the trellis frame to pack a punch into every corner. The S2R 1000 is the ideal choice for anyone who wants the “mean” look of the SR series with more power, and the beauty and simplicity advantages of an air-cooled engine.

Our most powerful air-cooled Monster is driven by the 992 cc Dual Spark engine, which delivers 95 hp and 9.6 kgm (69.4 lb-ft) of torque and is highly efficient and ultra-reliable.

The 1000 DS engine was developed with specific objectives in mind: increased power, overall simplification, reduced working temperature, improved reliability and less weight. Starting with the heads, there are two spark plugs per cylinder and camshafts that rotate on oil pressurized plain bearings and not ball bearings - which reduces the number of moving parts and aids heat dissipation. The Dual Spark solution gives more complete combustion and boosts power, especially at low and medium rpm. A reduction of the angle between intake and exhaust valves has improved the shape and reduced the volume of the combustion chamber, resulting in more efficient combustion, allowing greater compression and more power.

The Showa forks and Sachs rear shock, ensure confident road-holding and are adjustable for pre-load and rebound, allowing you to adjust your bike to suit your personal riding style and load conditions. The high performance Brembo brake system provides the finishing touch to the standard equipment.

The Monster S2R 1000 is environmentally responsible and complies with Euro3 emission control standards.

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