2006 Ducati SportClassic GT1000

The essential beauty and style of the Ducati GT models of the 1970s - a bike to be ridden every day with a balance of two-up comfort and Ducati Desmo power. The GT1000 introduces many new features that reflect fondly on the past, while being interpreted in a modern way.

Back in 1971 the GT was a bike to be ridden every day, it combined sport bike and touring features in a balanced and beautiful Italian package. With a dual seat and single headlamp, it was an essential motorcycle, much like today’s “naked” or “traditional” motorcycles. It was a commonsense motorcycle, but its beauty was uncommon. The L-Twin engine was left fully exposed to flaunt its elegant features. Dual chrome silencers swept rearward accenting the attractive lines of the bike. Everyday performance was never so well executed. Until now.

Although classically styled, the 2006 GT1000 is engineered to deliver modern Ducati road performance. With its comfortable two-up riding position and confident handling, it is perfect for the daily commute or a weekend trip to the mountains. Powering the GT is the 1000 DS engine, the most advanced, most powerful Ducati air-cooled engine ever.

The GT1000 will be available in the spring of 2006.

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