2010 Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S

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Ducati launched the new Monster 1100 and the 1100S version in a smart move that increased the Monster lineup to three members (if you count the Monster 696 ), each one offering a new kind of excitement. This was the first out of ten new models that Ducati announced to launch until 2010.

The TopSpeed team counts more than a few Ducati fans and we simply couldn’t abstain ourselves from seeing what the big Monsters are up to this year. Check them out.



95-hp fuel injected L-twin engine

Weighing 373 pounds dry, only 18 pounds more than the 696, and developing 95 hp at 7,500 rpm and 75,9 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm, the big Monsters have the power to weight ratio on their side and this could easily leed to consider the Italian bikes kings of the category without temporizing things. The engine behind them is the already consecrated 1100 DS, an 1100 cc two-valved V-Twin present on the Ducati Hypermotard and Ducati Multistrada 1100 as well.

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S

Exclusive features such as the Y-spoke wheels and the single-sided swingarm highlight the rear wheel in the case of both models. Furthermore, on the “S” version the Öhlins suspensions, carbon fiber insertions together with the golden wheels show us the future look of the naked category starting with the details.

The most important addition to the 1100cc Monsters in 2010 is meant to make the bikes slightly safer as it brings in more braking performance – ABS.

History of the Monster

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S



By what you could read in the small history page that we’ve linked to, it’s easy to see how Ducati started the large displacement naked bikes frenzy, but that doesn’t mean that by this time they don’t get their fair share of contenders.

Harley-Davidson XR1200

It’s enough to mention motorcycles such as the Harley-Davidson XR1200 and the Triumph Speed Triple to understand how the Italian brand ended up creating an entirely new category back in the early 1990s with that first 900cc Ducati Monster.

Triumph Speed Triple

Although Harley is the latest opponent added to the list, this doesn’t make it the weakest because the American bike is all about massive amounts of torque and stands for the highest refinement level. At least it is powered by a two-cylinder engine because in the case of the British bike it is all about three cylinders and much more engine performance. You’ll find it easier to compare the two big Monsters with the middleweight naked Triumph Street Triple R due to similar performance figures.


Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S

While being as modern as possible, the Ducati Monster 1100 and the corresponsive “S” model are characterized by the classic shape that consecrated the Monster name in the first place. Much similar to the strong-selling Monster 696 , the big ones feature a replaceable tank cover and electronic instrument panel as well. The trellis frame doesn’t allow much of the V-twin engine to be displayed, but there are plenty of other things to happily look at. For example, the aluminum single-sided swingarm makes sure the rear 180/55-17 wheel will make a big impression with those Y-type spokes, just as the front 120/70-17 one does. The headlight is stylish and the mirrors fit perfectly in the scenario.

By simply standing back and looking at the bike it’s easy to realize what draws a crowd. Basically stripped down to the bare necessities, the Monster 1100, such as its smaller sibling, is a roadster in the true meaning of the word. It shows agility and performance from a very first glance. Just look at those rocket launchers that are claimed to be the silencers.

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S

Our favorite is the one that is Red painted on the bodywork and frame and features silver wheels, but other color options are: Silver (with the red frame and also silver wheels) and Black (with black frame and silver wheels). Also, the “S” model ads Red (with red frame and golden wheels) and Pearl White (with black frame and golden wheels) as alternatives.

Press Reviews

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S

"Riding around on the Monster 1100 is relatively painless for a machine with this much sporting potential. A slight reach to the bars puts its rider into a comfy attack mode, and the narrower (but one-liter larger) 3.8-gallon fuel tank allows knees to tuck in tightly." – motorcycle

"The L-twin air-cooled Desmo is an engine that is easy to love. From as low as 3,000rpm, the thunderous torque starts kicking in with brute force. In first gear, the front shoots into the air if you dare apply a handful of throttle early, but so very controllable. There’s a lot more oomph in the 1100 than in the 696, and despite the fact that this is obvious I am still making a point of it." – motorcycledaily

“There’s a pleasing low-end vibration from the engine, and once it gets up to temperature, it can pull with lots of low-end torque and a real surge in power above around 3,000 rpm. Gearing is tall and the dry clutch is relatively light, and the shifter is clean with an easy to find neutral.” – motorcycles.about

"Where the new Monster 1100 really shines though, is in the chassis and handling department. It was easy to see that the old S2R’s chassis wasn’t up to the rigors imposed by its 992cc engine, with the bike beginning to come unwound as the pace ramped up." – sportrider

"Once set into the corner, handling is vastly improved over the previous model, the new suspension and chassis translating the contours of the road directly to the rider’s hands as if he or she were physically skimming the road with their palms. You’d have to kneel down and lick the pavement to get more detail." – motorcycle-usa

"Purists will delight in this new Monster 1100, as Ducati has managed to evolve the model into the perfect real-world, lifestyle motorcycle. Light weight, coupled with an incredibly torquey motor and a relaxed riding position, makes for a machine that becomes a part of you." – motorcyclingmag


The biggest disadvantages that both the 2010 Ducati Monster 1100 and 1100 S have are definitely the suggested retail prices. At an MSRP of $11,995 for the standard and $13,995 for the special model, there are infinite more tempting alternatives to consider, including the ones mentioned above.


Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S

Your really have to be fan of the Monster series in order to consider buying either one of the two 1100s (especially the much more expensive “S” model) because it is all a matter of knowing that you’re buying the right motorcycle for your taste, not the sharpest, fastest and most powerful, but a modern classic with a taste for speed and refined engine performance.



Engine and Transmission

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S


  • Type: L-Twin cylinder, 2 valve per cylinder Desmodromic, air cooled
  • Displacement: 1078cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 98x71.5mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
  • Power: 69.8kW - 95hp @ 7500rpm
  • Torque: 10.5kgm - 75.9lb-ft @ 6000rpm
  • Fuel injection: Siemens electronic fuel injection, 45mm throttle body
  • Exhaust: 2 aluminum mufflers
  • Gearbox: 6 speed
  • Ratio: 1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 27/20, 4th 24/22, 5th 23/24, 6th 24/28
  • Primary Drive: Straight cut gears, Ratio 1.84:1
  • Final Drive: Chain; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 39
  • Clutch: Dry multiplate with hydraulic control




  • Standard: Euro 3


Chassis and Dimensions

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S


  • Frame: Tubular steel Trellis frame
  • Wheelbase: 1450mm (57.1in)
  • Rake: 24°
  • Front Suspension: Showa 43mm fully adjustable upside-down forks
  • Front Wheel Travel: 130mm (5.1in)
  • Front Wheel: Y-shaped, 5-spoke in light alloy 3.50 x17
  • Front Tyre: 120/70 ZR17
  • Rear Suspension: Progressive with preload and rebound Sachs adjustable monoshock
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 148mm (5.8in)
  • Rear Wheel: Y-shaped, 5-spoke in light alloy 5.50 x 17
  • Rear Tyre: 180/55 ZR17
  • Front Brake: 2 x 320mm discs, 4-piston radial caliper
  • Rear Brake: 245mm disc, 2-piston caliper
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15l - 3.8gallon (US) / 13.5l - 3.6gallon (US) ABS version
  • Dry Weight: 169kg (373lb) / 171kg (377lb) ABS version




  • Instruments: Digital unit displaying: Speedometer, rev counter, clock, scheduled maintenance warning, oil temperature, trip fuel, lap time, warning light for low oil pressure, fuel level, fuel reserve, neutral, turn signals, overrev, immobilizer. Ready for DDA system
  • Warranty: 2 years unlimited mileage
  • Body Colour (Frame/Wheel): Red (red / silver) - Silver (red / silver) - Black (matt black / silver)




  • Dual seat
  • Seat Height: 810mm (31.9in)
  • DDA: DDA system-ready for Ducati Performance accessory
  • DTC: Not available on this model
  • ABS: Available upon request


Features & Benefits

Ducati Monster 1100/1100 S




  • The triple-parabola headlamp uses the latest optical technology to provide a deep, wide beam which makes riding at night both easier and safer. The highly advanced construction of the assembly provides one of the most compact headlamps available.


Airbox and Fuel Tank


  • The use of advanced moulding techniques have not only enabled greater fuel capacity but also a larger airbox. The new fuel tank now holds 15 litres (3.8 US gal) while the airbox contains a power-enhancing 10 litres of air.




  • The rear view mirrors have been completely redesigned, making them lower, smoother and more aerodynamic while ensuring a clear view to the rear. Their design accentuates the curves and lines of the handlebars and fuel tank.


LED Rear Light


  • The minimalist spirit of the Monster and the desire to reduce weight to a minimum were the reasons behind the choice of an LED lighting system for the rear.


Gull-Wing Fork Clamps


  • Just like the race-winning Ducatis, the Monster 1100 is fitted with extremely robust fork clamps. Their ’gull-wing’ shape achieves exceptional torsional strength.


I agree that this is one of your best Yamaha. It is well refined and have the best parts.

I can’t imagine how an ABS works on a motorcycle.

I like the S4R S model but this Monster 1100 should be more fun since it has more power is just test riding this model to see how it feels.smiley

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