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Ducati has fully revealed its new 2014 Monster 1200. The motorcycle has an aggressive character and is propelled by the Testastretta 11°, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled engine with a displacement of 1198.4cc. The engine delivers a maximum output of 100.7 kW (135 hp) @ 8,750 rpm and 118 Nm (87 lb-ft) of torque @ 7,250 rpm. The unit is fed by a 17.5 liters fuel tank and is mated to a six speed gearbox with slipper clutch.

The 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 weighs 209 kg and its backbone is represented by a trellis frame which is directly attached to the engine.

Other features include Brembo brakes, hydraulic clutch, ride by wire and a TFT display. You also get an adjustable seat, Ducati’s Safety Pack (DSP), LED lights and a low mounted number plate.

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Ducati has fully revealed its new 2014 1199 Superleggera. The motorcycle is basically an ultra light version of the standard 1199 model and is packed with a series of special features that give it a fairly unique character.

The motorcycle is available in only 500 units, but unfortunately we don’t have any information about the price.

As it was developed with lightness in mind, the new Ducati 1199 Superleggera weighs only 155 kg. This ultra low weight is combined with an 1198 cc, Superquadro, L twin cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled engine with valve actuation and 4 valves per cylinder. In terms of power the engine 200 hp (149 Kw) at 11,500 rpm and 134 Nm (99 ft lbs) of torque at 10,200 rpm.

The Ducati 1199 Superleggera is built on a Monoscocca frame which further enhances the motorcycle’s performances.

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Ducati launched a special edition of its sporty 1199 Panigale dedicated to the famous formula 1 rider Ayrton Senna. This special edition marks the 20th anniversary of the death of former Formula One G Brazilian rider.

The new 1199 Panigale S Senna made its debut at the Sao Paulo Motorcycle Show and it will be available in only 161 units. This number represents the total number of Formula One Grands Prix that Senna raced in. It is also worthy of being mentioned that this special edition will be available only on the Brazilian market.

The motorcycle features a grey and red color scheme which is the same color combination used for the motorcycles ridden by Ayrton Senna during its collaboration with the Italian company.

The motorcycle will be offered for sale from June 2014 and will be fitted with a racing exhaust system and serial number engraved on the top clamp. For the moment we don’t have any details about the price.

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Ducati has prepared a nice surprise for us. Its new project has been kept under an aura of secrecy for a while, but now the first details are starting to emerge.

The Italian company has prepared a very special version of its already special Ducati 1199 Panigale R. The new model is super light and super strong and will be offered in only 500 units. The motorcycle uses materials such as magnesium, carbon fiber and titanium, which help it loose around 40 lbs (18 kg).

It is called the Ducati 1199 Panigale R Superleggera (Italian for ultra-lighweight) and will be available for a group of Ducati fans that were especially selected by the company.

Ducati has also launched a special websitededicated to its new motorcycle that has received the codename “1201”.

For the moment, we don’t have any details about the Sperleggera’s price but you can expect it to be in the $6,000 – $70,000 range.

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The Ducati 1199 is one of the fastest motorcycles from the tracks. Its power and agility can’t be rivaled by many models in its class and for many riders it represents the ultimate sports machine.

But it seems like the guys from MotoCorsa weren’t satisfy with the racy character of the stock Ducati 1199 and decided to give it a touch of…dirt.

Their take on the Ducati 1199 Panigale bears the name Terracorsa and is basically an off-road super sport motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and covered with a desert-inspired paint scheme.

The idea behind this project started when Bossman Arun Sharma from MotoCorsa and Ducati North America’s Quentin Wilson were preparing for their trip to Eastern Oregon and they decided to let their creativity go crazy to make the trip more interesting.

You have all the rights to believe that a job like this is pure blasphemy, but at least the motorcycle used by MotoCorsa was already wracked, so we won’t judge them too harsh.

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Ducati has revealed the all-new 899 Panigale at the IAA Car Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The fresh 899 Panigale shares a lot of common features with the 1199 model so you can expect to first class riding performances.

The motorcycle weighs only 169 kg and is built on a modern monocoque frame that uses the Superquatro engine as a stressed member. In terms of power, the L-twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled unit delivers a maximum output of 109 kW 148 hp @ 10.750 rpm and 99 Nm (73 lb-ft) of torque at 9.000 rpm.

As far as technologies are concerned, the new Ducati 988 Panigale features triple stage ABS, Ducati Traction Control and Engine Brake Control and ride-by-wire throttle. You also get Ducati’s Quick Shift, fully-integrated riding modes that can be switched using the handlebar mounted buttons.

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Whether we are talking about style, comfort or handling, the Ducati Hyperstrada has it all. And there is no wonder why, as this fascinating motorcycle was created to set new standards in the hypermotard segment.

Its versatility is impressive and you won’t have to worry about technologies either, as the Hyperstrada is packed with all the features expected from a modern motorcycle such as ABS or DTC.

However, the Ducati Hyperstrada’s “technological core” is represented by the fresh Testastretta 11°, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled engine. Fire it up and it will reward you with a maximum power of 110hp (81kW) at 9250rpm and 89 Nm (65.8 lb-ft) of torque at 7750 rpm.

To be able to resist to this massive power generated by the engine the motorcycle received a new trellis frame which is combined with top-of-the range chassis components. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the 2013 Hyperstrada retains its highly maneuverable 70° of lock-to-lock steering movement, while the wheelbase now increases to 1490mm.

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Ducati introduced the 600TL Pantah at the Milan show in 1981 to complement the 500 and 600SL sports models. It is a roadster with a square headlight, tank and seat and different instruments, including a fuel gauge. Cagiva took over Ducati in 1984 and replaced the Pantahs with their own Alazurra design, making this model a rare find for any Ducati collector.
As far as power is concerned the Ducati 600TL Pantahis is equipped with a 583 cc SOHC Desmo V-twin engine. The engine’s power is kept in check by a five speeds transmission. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the Pantah was the first of the belt-driven camshaft Ducati motors, the first generation of the current Ducati V twins.

In sound condition, this bike was presented at an auction. The motorcycle has an estimated price of €3.000-€4.000.

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A unique 1968 Ducati 350 Corsa Replica was auctioned with an estimated price of €14.000-€18.000. The motorcycle is in good condition and is finished in a classy red paint. Power comes from a 340 cc SOHC single engine which is combined with a five speeds transmission.

Initially displayed at the 1967 Cologne show, the wide-case Ducati singles were launched in 1968 in 250-cc and 350-cc models and Scrambler and Mark 3 sport bike designations. The 350 engine shared the same specifications as the 350 Sebring and Mach 1/S racer and a 10-to-1 compression ratio. The range would soon boast Taglioni’s Desmo engine, and the two models are hard to distinguish, both proving solid, competent race bikes, with excellent brakes and handling.

The bike on offer was rebuilt in 1995 in its present configuration as an historic racer. The engine has twin spark plugs and twin distributors, alloy rims, twin rear shock absorbers, special clutch, single Dell’Orto 36-mm pumper carburettor, competition exhaust, twin leading shoe front brake and Veglia competition tachometer.

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A vintage Ducati 900 Mike Hailwood Replica was auctioned with an estimated price of €8.000-€12.000. The motorcycle was launched in 1979 and is powered by a 973 cc Desmo SOHC V-Twin engine mated on a five speeds transmission. The MHR S2 model on offer was in good unrestored condition, and its eye-catching red and green fairing combined with its gold Campagnolo alloy rims will ensure that it continues to stand out.

When Mike Hailwood returned from New Zealand to the Isle of Man TT in 1978 on a privateer Ducati 900 SS, he was 38 years old and had not raced there in 11 years. His runaway win set the stage for the most popular version of the 900 SS, the MHR.

The red, white and green Mike Hailwood Replica 900 SS was introduced in 1979 and was an immediate success. Ducati tweaked the model several times to make it more user-friendly. The fairing became a two-piece in 1981, making service matters easier, and side panels were added to cover the battery and rear carburettor. In 1983, the Series 2 MHR included an electric start, an improved three-dog gearbox, Oscam wheels to take tubeless tyres, a narrower two-piece fairing, new alternator and a hydraulic dry clutch. Some bikes had Silentium mufflers, while others retained Contis.

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