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Oberdan Bezzi has inked another motorcycle sketch, one that catches our attention for being very realistic and yet almost 100% not plausible. Why? It is a Ducati motocross bike. Ducati doesn’t do that, but the Italian designer’s Desmocross concept shows just how good their bike would look if they ever decide to go muddy.

Ducati’s motocrosser would be powered by a high-performance single-cylinder engine displacing 450cc. Obiboi assumes the machine would be great as a supermoto as well if the right wheels come into place.

In terms of design, we can spot some Aprilia RXV influences especially in the way the front end meets the number plate and the angular lines, but in the end the bike looks like it could make it to my garage anytime. That is only if Ducati will surprise us at this year’s EICMA show with an all-new Desmocross. Meanwhile, hit the jump for the designer’s description.

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It looks like the guys at Moto Tech in Miami sure know how to promote their services as we just came across one of their videos showing a hot blonde performing a dyno test on one of their Ducati superbikes. Obviously, she wasn’t wearing much and we won’t go as far as calling it a motorcycle expert (the video tries to induce she actually is) although we have to admit this is one of the few motorcycle babe videos in which the girl shows off some skills. Congrats for that!

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Take a look at Ducati’s video showing how easy owners can change the color of their Monster 696 s with only a screwdriver and different body panels and front fender. These lasts are all part of a special kit that Ducati offers for the middleweight Monster only and there are 13 different colors available. Color therapy indeed.

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Ducati has just introduced their 2010 Monster 796 and together with it a second episode of the Monster Art project . Called “Logomania”, this episode pays tribute to famous Ducati logos and colour schemes from the brand’s early days.

Ducati seems to know just how important it is for Monster owners to make a bike really theirs, so while last year they offered the posibility for riders to totally change the visual of their bikes with clip-on tanks, tail-pieces, fenders and bikini fairings, the Bologna company now makes sure everybody enjoys a factory customized model just like they would have ordered it to a custom painter themselves.

The whole idea behind the all-new Ducati Monster 796 is to increase the profit of the Monster lineup and the second Monster Art episode is just another way to help themselves achieve that. What’s best, owners love it. Click past the break for the Ducati Monster Logomania video as well as the list of color schemes available.

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Ducati has just confirmed rumors related to the introduction of an all-new Italian naked by adding the Monster 796 to their 2010 model lineup. The big news follows Ducati’s poor Monster 1100 sells as the biggest Monster of them all gets close to the race-spec Streetfighter’s pricing range. Also taking in consideration the fact that the Monster 696 doesn’t have enough juice to keep the good stuff coming for more experienced riders, the need was felt for a middle solution, NOT a new middleweight model. So here it is.

The new bike came to life after Ducati combined the chassis of the big Monster with the 2010 Hypermotard 796 engine. We must say the Borgo Panigale manufacturer has great expectations from their in-between solution, which they claim being "the perfect synthesis between sports performances, aesthetics and daily riving pleasure."

While we cannot contradict them in any way, we’ll just have to let the numbers speak for themselves: 87hp and 58 lb-ft of torque coming from the 803cc, two-valve, air-cooled twin, all while weighing in at a 369 lbs dry. Optional ABS will add 4 lbs to the standard weight figure. Bodywork colors available for when the bike is supposed to hit Europe’s dealerships this April are Ducati Red, Arctic White, or Diamond Black Silk, all with the red frame and black wheels. Considering the €8990 European pricing, the 2010 Ducati Monster 796 shouldn’t start at more than $10K in the United States.

This new Duck has gone from rumor to fact in a very short time and it is all thanks to Ducati’s variety of “donor bikes” that helped put it together. This means little investment for the Italian company and more profit, definitely the theoretical way to rise up overall sales of the Monster lineup. Factual, we’ll just have to wait and see. Hit the jump for the official video and full specs.

Update: Press Release is also attached after the jump.

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Inspired by the shark face nose art of World War II’s Flying Tigers, the three fighter squadrons of US volunteers that flew for the Chinese Air Force, Death Spray Custom in London have created what they like to call the Bite project.

This Ducati 996, which was most likely upgraded with a Fast By Ferracci 1026 Stroker Kit and now called ‘1096’, is the project’s pièce de résistance. Obviously, the paintjob is the coolest thing about it.

Ducati may not have thought at a “shark edition” for none of their superbikes, but DSC’s work could stand as a good source of inspiration if the idea ever strikes.

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Take a look at this gorgeous Ducati Streetfighter S ! It was modified by performance parts distributor Motovation Accessories using mostly Rizoma parts and accessories found in their 2010 catalog. The bike showcases the quality products from rear sets to engine covers and features a custom paintjob applied by Southern Metal Customs in Austin, Texas.

Although this is not a radical project, we happen to like it a lot for looking a hell lot more aggressive than the stock Streetfighter S and much more expensive as well. Hit the jump to see the whole list of parts thrown at it.

Photo credit: Will Gibson

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The dices have been thrown in what the 2010 MotoGP season is concerned, so Italian design guru Oberdan Bezzi comes with a plan for both the 2011 Ducati racing team and Valentino Rossi and his latest sketch pretty much says it all.

Obiboi hopes for a 100% Italian racing team, so he revives the iconic Martini Ducati livery on a Ducati Desmosedici and hopes The Doctor will master this for many seasons to come, starting with the 2011 one. Although the chances for the designer’s dream to come true are small, Rossi hasn’t confirmed or infirmed his possible switch to Ducati in 2011.

Oberdan Bezzi describes the 2011 Martini Ducati MotoGP on his blog with the following words: “would be the result of a favorable astral conjunction, a real emergency room! Sponsor a mythical (Martini) with great tradition in the engine high-level entrant into starring in the World Championship, the renewed desire to challenge a champion without peer (Valentino Rossi) and the technical competence of a prestigious brand and hungry for glory (DUCATI)! The ingredients of a dream everything ITALIAN!”

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We hear a lot of talk about how riders should feel like part of their bikes or see the bikes as extensions of their bodies, but we haven’t come across a good example to show you until now. In fact, we’re better off putting it like this: can you spot the girl in this photo?

I bet you do. What’s best is that the Ducati motorcycle had its fairing stripped down so it would match the naked girl. This shows that when inspiration strikes, it does it big time.

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The most advanced superbike models coming from the Bologna, Italy house are the Ducati 1198, 1198 S, 1198 S Corse and 1198 R Corse, all which might look like the discontinued 1098 R , but are in fact entirely different creations with enhanced all-around performance and decent price tags.

Built using experience gathered in years of racing, the 1198 series is composed of uncompromising superbikes representing the unique Italian styling and the innovative maker’s solutions to keep things safe and interesting on the track as well as on the road.

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