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roadster, the company has also designed the tasty Iconoclast model for The new Ecossse Iconoclast is available in a limited run of only 11 units.

The custom Ecosse Iconoclast is a mean looking roadster that weighs only 460 lbs and is powered by a two liter engine which puts out a maximum power of 135 hp and 140 ft-lbs of torque. The engine can reach the 60 mph mark in only 2.8 seconds and its power is kept in leash by a close-ratio six speed transmission.

The motorcycle rides on Öhlins, fully adjustable front forks which are combined with a rear shock that can be adjusted according to your needs (dragster, cruiser or road racer positions).

The exclusive Ecosse Iconoclast can be yours for no less than £54,000.

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The ECOSSE Titanium Series brings to bear all of the cutting-edge marque’s expertise in the design of innovative, limited bikes. These special motorcycles are a combination of old-world craftsmanship and computer-controlled accuracy that effortlessly blend American muscle with exquisite lines, race-bred components and the first-ever all-titanium chassis. The result is a lightweight, carbon-fiber beauty with a supercharged billet motor producing insane amounts of torque and power. This bike (...)

In a sea of TV assemblers, ECOSSE takes a decidedly different approach. Quite simply: “If it’s easy, they don’t do it.” To begin, ECOSSE handcrafts and machines every possible part in the Denver factory. This includes tooling and pouring their own urethane seals, vibration-damping supports and chain guides. Bolts are custom designed and machined by ECOSSE and used throughout The Heretic, notably the oil banjo bolts & fittings and rear shock mounts. Motor and output sprockets are machined in-house. The intricate, tubular chassis (mainframe, swingarm and subframe) is meticulously cut, bent and TIG welded on site. What isn’t created in-house involves a strong collaboration between ECOSSE and its vendors to make the component unique.

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