2009 EVA Track T-800CDI

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EVA Products are new motorcycle producers based in The Netherlands and they have designed and build 15 prototypes of the Track T-800CDI diesel motorcycles in the last 3.5 years. Half a year ago they finished that faze and are now in a production modus. The intention and planning is to build 150 units this year and for 2010 and 2011 they are going from 5 a week to 25 a week.

That’s just worth a preview!

In their efforts to establish a whole new market ready to be exploited, they introduce this totally new but not unusual Motorcycle that is powered by a special engine similar to the Smart For2 engine (it’s not the same one but has similar components in the buildup).

Although for the first 25 units they used some BMW and KTM parts, these are now being replaced by in-house products as their goal is to be both original and very demanding.

The frame is their own design and development and has similar design looks as used on some Ducati and some KTM bikes. All the best option for creating a new EU brand that stands firm in front of the "competition".

The CVT (Continous Variable Transmission) is used in all scooters / snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles. The main reason why they make use of it is the fact that shifting brings no gain on power output and efficiency. CVT does!! Very light (only 5 kg) and highly efficient, it brings a smooth and strong Diesel engine to the maximum potential. And most likely, this is what a motorcycle driver wants. Not falls shifting, no wrong rpm or wrong gear anymore, but always torque at the best moment.

Usually, the Track T-800CDI is bought by the BMW GS type of person, but they also report encountering Harley riders who have ridden the bike and couldn’t help ordering one. Everyone from Female, travelers or PD riders will feel well at home on the Diesel motorcycle from the Netherlands as they even offer a 50mm lower version so that shorter persons can enjoy the unique ride.

The bike has great off-road potential and it is street legal too so it meets all possible requirements that a rider can have.

EVA Track T-800CDI


Advantages are overwhelming on BMW and KTM type of bikes:

  • A greater number of km are covered for less money;
  • Longer service interval up to max 50000km. Engine lifespan is 400,000 km to 600,000 km;
  • Simple design with little "useless" features;
  • Top quality mostly European parts (Brembo brake system / WP suspension / Excel Rims (from Japan) / Daimler engine / in house developed CVT system / German ECU system / 25CRMO4 framework / Jarno Schurgers bodywork / Michelin anakee 2 tyres / etc);
  • Lower center of gravity and high degree of handlebar rotating freedom for handling;
  • Shaftdrive;
  • High torque output at low rpm;
  • Diesel fuel (no Biodiesel at this point due to it’s to high acid level);
  • CDI (common rail direct injection) with 3 time injection per combustion sequence;
  • Particle filtration system for 99 % filtering;
  • Great fuel efficiency;
  • Totally equipped and ready for the new fuel that is coming: GTL (gas top liquid)!!!

  • With these features, they have produced All-Road traveling motorcycle with a very high efficiency level. Actually, it’s more a tool than a "motorcycle"!!!

    Available only in the Netherlands at this point, the bike will conquer the rest of Europe for 2010 is everything goes according to the manufacturer’s plans. For the U.S. and Canada, test bikes are currently being exported, but normal delivery will be around the end of 2010, beginning of 2011 if demand is high and taxes are low.

    For now, EVA Products does not offer info on a possible 2WD system for the future simply because the system wouldn’t bring any gain.

    High diesel torque at low rpm and a light weight of the total construction gives a better level of off-road performance is the idea on which they base their Track T-800CDI.



    Engine and Transmission

    Displacement: 800 cc
    Max output: 33/45 kW/bhp at 3000 tot 4500 rpm
    Max Torque: 100 Nm at 1800 rpm
    Cylinder position: In line
    Number of cylinders: 3
    Compression ratio with fueltype: 1:18 Diesel V-Power / Bio-Diesel
    Valves per cylinder: 2
    Pressure: Turbo 1.25 bar + Intercooler
    Gasgrip: Fly by wire electronics
    Clutch: centrifugal
    Gearbox: Continuous Variable Transmission
    Primary drive ratio —
    End Drive: Cardan
    End ratio: 1.58

    Chassis and Dimensions

    Type of frame: Buis Frame Chroom Molybdeen
    Front suspension: WP-upside down 48 mm
    Rear drive type: Track shaftdrive Cardan  
    Suspension rear and front: 210/210 mm
    Wheelbase: 1,610 mm
    Rake/Trail: 63.4 / 26.6 degrees
    Front Brakes: Dubbel disk, dia 310 mm
    Rear Brakes: Single disk, dia 265 mm
    Front rim size: 1.85": 21"
    Rear rim size : 4.25": 17"
    Total length: 2450mm
    Width with mirrors: 900 mm
    Handlebar without mirrors: 865 mm
    Seat height: 780/900 mm
    Dry weight: 225 kg
    Max weight: 425 kg
    Fuel tank: 22.5 ltr


    Alternator: 500W
    Battery: 12 V/35 Ah
    Startermotor: 1.5 kW
    Electronic Management: ECU by canbus


    Fuel consumption: Pure Plant olie / Bio-Diesel / Diesel
    90 km/h: 2.5 - 2.1Lltr/100 km
    120 km/h: 3.5 - 3.1Lltr/100 km
    175 km/h: 4.7 - 4.2Lltr/100 km
    Acceleration: Torque above hp
    0-100 km/h: (3.75)sec
    Top speed: 175 km/h

    EVA Track T-800CDI

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