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Harley-Davidson motorcycles are rideable legends, iron horses used by riders to traverse the world’s continents and they never seem to stop. Best characterized by their timeless looks and loud engines, it seems like they’ll be here a long time from now and we truly hope they will. But we also must admit that the need is felt for Harleys to evolve radically in the appropriate future, so it is just a matter of doing so in the right way.

Designer Jonathan Russell sees a way for H-D to appeal to 2020’s young crowd with a concept bike that looks clean and inviting, just the kind of machine needed to bring a fresh new feel in the Milwaukee company’s lineup. Although it looks like the 2010 H-D concept is all about a big engine, two wheels and a pair of handlebars, the designer also proposes some technological goodies from Apple.

Featuring lots of aluminum and laser etching as well as LEDs hidden under perforations in the bodywork, which should conclude in the thank-mounted instruments, taillight and signal lights, would this bike should look like a decade-old laptop on wheels? Anyway, it is worth a thorough look, so click past the break for more detailed sketches.

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When it comes to Harleys, it is the image that sells, so the company needs to refresh that image with each year so that they keep appealing to larger and larger crowds. We’re not quite sure this is their strategy to attract more female riders, but the American giant has revealed their Summer 2010 Campaign, but we’ll more likely call it Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller calendar.

Yes, the Californian model, aka ‘sexiest woman on the planet’ got a bit dirty in denim and jumped on a few Harleys just to get our hearts pumping harder. This follows the success of last year’s campaign, in which we saw the superhot model taking the innocent approach in a 1950s style photo shoot.

One of the pictures even shows a hot babe doing a burnout, but we won’t put our money on the fact that it is exactly Marissa Miller. Anyway, hit the jump for more pics.

Update: behind the scenes video now added.

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Former 250 racer Roland Sands recently finished work on his latest café racer, one that originally started life as a Harley-Davidson XR1200 .

The bike looks miles away from the production version and considering the multitude of upgrades and modifications, it’s hard to find the best starting point. Probably the Ohlins forks, radial brakes and the front billet aluminum wheel from Performance Machine might represent just that, but it is a long way to the Ducati-like tubular single-sided arm and Ohlins shock at the back.

You’ll find that Roland Sands’ Harley-Davidson XR1200 cafe racer features clip-on handlebars and rearsets, a 2-1 from Vance and Hines as well as chain drive, just to mention a few of its unique features. Furthermore, the single seat behind the standard tank is what gives the bike that café racer look.

With a black-out chassis and a pentagram RSD logo and a 666 number over the matt black paint, this also qualifies as Satan’s machine. So what do you think about it?

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There is nothing like the nitro sucking, make your ears bleed sound of two Harley-Davidsons leaving the line to get your adrenaline pumping. In "Harley-Davidson Drag Racing" Scooter Grubb – who has been shooting the AHDRA for about 10 years – uses over 300 color photos and 144 pages to capture that same raw energy of unleashed V-twin power. From your neighbor’s Sportster to the Top Fuel machines, the bikes are all here.

Each chapter describes one of sixteen classes, with pictures of the bikes and an explanation of the rules that make that class unique. Sidebars scattered throughout the book take the action inside the pits. Meet the riders capable of turning a 6 second quarter mile, the mechanics that keep it all running at 200 miles per hour, and the track officials who make each event possible.

With an abundance of color photos, Harley-Davidson Drag Racing is a visual feast. Whether you just want to drink in the action or learn more about the bikes and the classes, this book is sure to satisfy that need for speed.

More information on Amazon.

Thanks for the tip Scooter!

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There was nothing wrong with this 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King Custom before California-based Chris from Fox Custom Paint and Ric Greene from Southeast Custom Cycles began working at it and now it looks like everything’s wrong with the American bagger. That is because our guys decided to get the bike rid of its shiny paint and chrome only to create the distress look that they think fits this H-D model very well.

Indeed, after noticing how much attention rat rods were getting at custom shows, the Californian boys uncovered the clean metal underneath Harley’s impeccable paintjob only to then start applying their own sky blue paintjob (actually several layers of basecoats and different color primers), which also had to be partially sanded off.

But it is the finishing touch that gives the bike its rusty look. A spray bottle of different color base was used to squirt paint on the thing and obtain the rust-like spots that are actually eye-catching.

This is definitely something we don’t see every day, although we could start living with this. While most custom builders aim towards Harley’s quality finishing, these guys have just tipped the scale in the complete opposite direction.

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Harley-Davidson designed and built the XR1200 as their very first roadster in an attempt to appeal to younger riders as well. The plan sounded good in theory and if they offered plenty of customization possibilities, the bike qualified as a success. Said and done. But I guess that nobody really thought at doing something like this. Why not when the Harley-Davidson XR1200 monster bike looks like one of the best ways to shake the stress away.

What’s best, this impressive motorcycle offers the unique opportunity of seeing a car crushed by a motorcycle and not the other way around. Revenge looks good!

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Harley-Davidson is a little too much into their style, so they rarely come up with a bike that is truly bad to the bone. But most of their ideas are taken one step further by people such as Mike Wilson of Dyno Mike’s Dynamic Chassis and Sandy Kosman of Kosman Specialties, who have teamed up to build what they call the Harley-Davidson XR124.

They’ve taken Harley’s sportiest ride, the XR1200 and made it look, sound and feel more appealing for the younger crowd, while still retaining the bike’s original style. In other words, they’ve mounted an S&S 124 cubic inch Evo engine on a twin shock rubber mount frame with a Buell XB12 front end (meaning upside down fork, front fender and six-piston caliper). The aluminum tank and rear fender were ordered from Evan Wilcox.

These guys aren’t just bike assemblers, so they’ve built their own exhaust and wheels. Overall, the thing weighs less than 500 pounds, which should make it flickable, while the power-to-weight ratio should make things at least very interesting.

As with most successful tuner projects, this bike looks like it was actually made like this by the manufacturer, but we can only wish H-D would build such a bike.

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Take a look at what the guys over at Adrenalin Moto in the UK did to a Harley-Davidson XR1200 . It looks neat and fast to us and, if you can believe it, this is actually a café racer. Harleys are probably the last bikes you’d want to modify in such a way, but the XR1200 model loves being fitted with parts such as the Ducati 900SS fairing, projector headlight, carbon fiber side panels and a high level two-into-one stainless steel exhaust system, just to mention a few.

While overall weight is reduced with no less than 83.8 lbs, the XR1200 Café Racer gets a paintjob replica of Cal Rayborn’s XR750TT racebike. The only thing we don’t like as much about it is the fairing, which kind of makes the bike look dated. Most likely a bikini fairing would have looked better, but I guess they needed wind protection.

Clearly, those brits can transform any motorcycle into a café racer. Sadly, this one is not for sale.

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Take a look at this video and at any other official Harley-Davidson one out there and tell me this isn’t at least as good. It shows the bike, a couple of hot babes and everybody around them going crazy of joy. Just the good old recipe, but it works every time.

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